Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hells Angel charged in third murder

Jeffrey Lynds has been charged with a third count of first-degree murder. Already accused of murdering two men in Montreal, the North River native and Hells Angel member was last week also charged with killing Mark Stewart of Longueuil, Que. in February 2010, according to an article published in the Montreal Journal.

The newspaper reported that Stewart, a narcotic trafficker, was killed by brothers Timothy and Robert Simpson at the request of Lynds, in an effort to eliminate a drug competitor. Well, isn't that a big surprise. A drug trafficking Hells Angel orders the murder of a rival drug dealer. He already confessed to murdering Randy Mersereau but hasn't been charged in that case.

It also leaves us wondering about who murdered Randy's brother and sister in law as well as Rusty Hall and his wife Ellen. All these murder victims associated with Jeffrey Lynds' associates.


  1. LOL!! Is this dude for real??? HA sticking his tongue out at the cameras like a four year old boy who doesn't want to come in from playing at supper time. Oh, my goodness.

  2. Actually I think he just has puffy lips. He certainly doesn’t look very bright though. Shoot a guy like Randy and graduate an idiot like Jeff. Go figure. He must have been willing to do what he was told.

    1. Read the other story about him if he ever touched my daughter I would not give a fuck who he was I would brutally peel him apart slowly they think their invincible but really their nothing compared to certain other groups


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