Monday, July 11, 2011

The 3rd Firebombing in Winnipeg

The 3rd Firebombing in Winnipeg is suspected to be tied to Hells Angels and the Rock Machine. Witnesses say they saw two men throw Molotov cocktails at a St. Mary's Road auto dealership early Sunday morning - a business that police identified last year as the site of a biker beating.

In January 2010, a member of the Rock Machine was lured into [DC Automotive] on St. Mary's Road and severely beaten by members of the Redlined Support Crew, which is affiliated with the Manitoba chapter of the Hells Angels, police said in an affidavit filed in court one month later.

Sunday that same auto dealership was firebombed. Later in the day, after 4 p.m., fire crews rushed to a West Kildonan home also believed to have been firebombed. A blown-out window was visible on the side of a Royal Avenue home.

Joseph Strachan, the Rock Machine's president, had his Winnipeg home shot up June 27. A St. Vital-area home belonging to Strachan's parents was hit with gunfire and Molotov cocktails the following night. There were no injuries and no arrests have been made.

Desautels said a member of the Redlined gang was also targeted June 29 when a "flare" was shot through the window of his home.

Police are investigating whether two other recent shootings are linked to the ongoing hostilities. A 14-year-old boy was wounded early on July 4 after a townhouse on Taft Crescent in Lord Roberts was sprayed with gunfire. Police said the boy is lucky to be alive and may have been an innocent bystander. There were nine people inside the residence at the time, including a baby.

It's hard to follow the day time drama of the two groups since they frequently kill their own in their power struggle for greed. Last November, a former associate of the Hells Angels was shot execution style inside his own home. No arrests have been made in the slaying of Daniel Kachkan, which was believed to have been connected to Kachkan's alleged role in a previous homicide. Danny was a member of the Zig Zag crew and killed a rival leader in the Zig Zag crew so either side could have shot him.

One thing is certain is that this public display of violence is killing public relations and sure isn't earning them any respect. Now both sides are just hated by the public who are more then willing to turn either side into the police for being raging lunatics that destroy the public peace. All over the right to sell crack. Stop letting the crack dealers sell crack in public. That is the New York Model.

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