Monday, July 11, 2011

Reflections Cabaret and the Hells Angels

OK so I'm a bit slow. I'm from the West coast. I guess everyone back east already knew what Bacchus meant. According to Gay Halifax when the Reflections Cabaret opened and for some time after, people speculated that it was run by organized crime.

In 1997, the manager (and the article says, owner) at the time, Paul Albert Wilson, was accused of two Hells Angels killings: Robert MacFarlane, who was shot dead and William St Clair Weldelborg who died of a forced cocaine overdose after being badly beaten.

On April 7th, 2004, Wilson, represented by Anne Derrick, after pleading guilty to the two murders, received a life sentence. He received a concurrent 12-year sentence after pleading guilty to 14 drug trafficking and proceeds-of-crime charges. He can apply for parole in 2008.

Julian Sher's book The Road To Hell: How The Biker Gangs Are Conquering Canada details the story of biker hit man-turned-informant "Danny Boy" Kane. His story touches on Paul Albert Wilson's involvement in several murders with the Hells Angels. Included in the book is a reproduction of a signed confession by Mr. Kane, dated March 2000, that says Mr. Wilson paid him $25,000 for the contract hit on Mr. MacFarlane.

I'm a bit confused how he could be eligible for parole in 2008 after all that. It was claimed that Robert McFarline threatened Wilson's mother who was also reported to be the owner and manager of the bar. Crown witness Orkan Arslan told police that Mr. MacFarlane had threatened Mr. Wilson’s mother in August 1996 after she banned him from the bar. He came back with a gas can and threatened to burn the place down, damaged a coatroom and assaulted a waitress. Mr. MacFarlane was gunned down in February 1997 by two Hells Angels hit men in Lakeside Industrial Park.

Wilson's claim that MacFarlane had threatened his mother was either true or false. What we do know is that he himself had a long history of drug trafficking and was tied to the Hells Angels. I find the fact that the Hells Angels ran a gay bar to be somewhat interesting. I vaguely recall some other claims in Quebec. Despite the Hells Angels homophobic image, they clearly were out there to make a buck in the drug trade. Kinda like how the White Supremacists would sell drugs to the Black community.

In fact Halifax's history with the drug trade is tied to the Hells Angels. November 1992: A Spanish vessel led a U.S. Coast Guard vessel on a 19-hour chase through rough seas before sinking early the next day off the coast of Newfoundland, taking with it an estimated three tonnes of cocaine. Unaware of what had happened, Jimmy Melvin Sr. and a Crown witness spent two days trying to get out to the mother ship to offload the drugs for the Hells Angels. Mr. Melvin, described at sentencing as "the second in command, was among five Nova Scotians charged in the crime. He was sentenced in 1997 to 5 1/2 years for conspiracy to traffic cocaine.

I wonder what Davie Giles, the drooling Vibrator hiding out in the Kelowna Retirement village along with his pal Michael (Speedy) Christiansen were doing at the time? Didn't someone say he was with the chapter when they were charged with living off the avails of prostitution? The pedophile Wolf Pack - that didn't have anything to do with David (Wolf) Carrol did it? Maybe Davie Vibrator will be the next Drag King at the next Drag and Shag at Reflections on his next trip back to Halifax.


  1. Actually Hell's Angels Speedy and Randy Mersereau, and a few others were convicted of rape of a 16 year old girl in the early 70's as members of the 13th tribe...They did time in Dorchester for it.

  2. Thanks. Where was Giles then?
    Dorchester, now that is one old prison.

    1. girator giles was on the west coast living the a good rich life, later he went to sunny kelowna in the okanagan valley central b c i would run into him from time to time he was the big time on the coast out here may he rip now

    2. Or rot in hell. One of the two. That guy was a clown.

  3. You know not of what you speak rotten, Randy Mersereau was never convicted of rape. He was in the clubhouse at the time, and even helped clean up the girl in question and sent her on her way, and for this the judge gave him 3 years for indecent assault. Early 70's justice I guess.


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