Friday, July 1, 2011

Harper Day

Are we allowed to still call it Canada Day or has the slimy little bastard re branded that too? Some how I think we've all been diminished and have a lot less to celebrate this year.


  1. I think you've got it wrong. It was Turdeau that rebranded the traditional name from Dominion Day to Canada Day.

  2. Hadn't noticed until now that Lefty Love Symbol on the Hog. Watch it!! You'll have the entire lefty blogosphere after you. lol

    Great site by the way. Add it to my favourites!

  3. Canada Day sounds a lot better than Dominion Day to me. Trudeau gave us the Charter of Rights. I threw in the lefty logo because I recently found it ironic that Hitler called his party Nationalsozialist. The stereotype is that Stalin and Lenin were left wing dictators while Hitler was a right wing dictator. I find Hitler calling himself a socialist somewhat ironic. No doubt Harper is taking us in the same direction Hitler did. If you draw a line in the sand and call it democracy, the further away from that line to the left or the right both leads to the same place: Dictatorship.


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