Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oslo Tragedy

A Norwegian gunman disguised as a police officer beckoned his victims closer before shooting them one by one, claiming at least 84 lives, in a horrific killing spree on an idyllic island teeming with youths that has left this peaceful Nordic nation in mourning.

The island tragedy Friday unfolded hours after a massive explosion ripped through a high-rise building housing the prime minister's office, killing seven people in a scene some likened to the aftermath of 9/11.

The same man - a blond-blue eyed Norwegian with reported Christian fundamentalist, anti-Muslim views - is suspected in both attacks. His name is Anders Behring Breivik.

I had a close friend from Norway. He used to say he was born with skis on his feet. He had served in the military before I worked with him. I found him to be a very honest, trustworthy and hard working man. I am indeed shocked and saddened with the news of an individual fruit loop who has completely lost touch with reality.

I was shocked and concerned when I saw photos of him with a Freemason apron on. I was even more shocked and disappointed to see a bizarre video claiming to be from the Knights Templar calling for a new crusade to decimate cultural Marxism. The gunman opened fire on a youth retreat for young members of the labour party. He killed them for their political beliefs. That is not something St George would endorse.

I know this looks bad and it is bad. I want to clarify two things. Freemasons promise to keep their religious rituals secret. They don't promise to keep the crimes of other Freemasons secret. George Washington and Ben Franklin were Freemasons. They were good and noble men aspiring to something higher.

The Knights Templar, aside from being portrayed in the movie Da Vinci code, is the highest degree of Freemason in the York Right. Shriners are Freemasons. This individual's twisted view of Freemasonry is not what Freemasonry or the Knight Templar teach. He is a wacko who committed mass murder.

Perhaps this tragic event is a good lesson for all of us. Not all Muslims are terrorists just like not all Christians are crazed gunmen. The freedom of religion and the freedom of political affiliation are fundamental rights is a free and democratic society.

The young victims in this shooting spree were not Marxists, they were members of the Labour party. This is why Harper's name calling and labels are so offensive. The crazed gunman was a member of a right wing political party that campaigned against immigration.


  1. Dude, I love reading your blog. But you really need to make the "connections" you often make when you stray off the subject of OMG's a little more lucid than you often do. You're only hurting your own credibility when you don't. The first two sentences of the last paragraph above are a perfect example.

    First of all, the children were not members of the Labor Party. They were the children of members of the Labor Party. Big difference.

    Second of all, to jump from that incorrect statement right to that being a reason for anything to do with something in Canada is a transatlantic stretch which does not really make sense. I (think I) know what you meant to say, but that's not what you said.

    Yeah, I know it's your blog. Just trying to give a little constructive criticism. Holding Red&White's feet to the fire by publicizing what they do when others won't is what you do best. Bouncing all over the map making connections that are tenuous at best, especially when you don't explain them, is not.

    I'm not really putting this here for you to post it. I'd have sent it to your email but your contact page comes up in Arabic where I am, and I can't read that shit.

  2. I appreciate the feedback. Basically I’ve just taken the Ricky Nelson route in his song Garden Party. No matter what I do people will complain so what the hell, do what I want. I’m glad you appreciate me holding the Red and White’s feet to the fire. I sure get a lot of complaints about that.

    I suppose the purpose of the blog and web site is to discuss gangs but also crime and politics since politicians change laws. As for the Oslo incident, I thought it was big news and worth commenting on. As far as me making a false statement, I was just repeating what was reported in the media.

    “On a rural island some 20 miles from Norway's capital, hundreds of young members of the country's Labour Party gathered each summer to discuss politics and democracy and enjoy each other's company.”

    The impression I had is that the youth were actual members of the party like the Young Liberals group here in Canada. Whether they were members of the Labour party or children of members of the Labour Party, they were killed for their or their parent’s political beliefs. The quote from the video referred to Marxists. I simply pointed out that the Labour Party aren’t Marxist.

    However, I do think it has a profound relevance to Canada. The Holocaust happened in Germany but if we were to perpetuate hate and anti Semitism I think that would be clearly wrong given the horrible result that same path led to in Germany.

    I really feel Stephen Harper is doing some really horrible things in Canada and I really think it’s important we address them not deny them because it’s pretty clear where the road he is taking us on leads and that is not somewhere I for one want to end up.

  3. Bearing in mind that the media often does not know WTF they're talking about anyway, you especially can't trust anything they say within at least the first 48 hours after an incident like this. Their driving desire to be the first to parrot second hand information makes them even more prone than they normally are to pass along stuff they have not fact checked.

    Rock on....

  4. Very true. I saw long diatribes full of lengthy speculation from analysis on what the motive of the shooting was. Then I happened to see that hate video coming right out and saying they want to destroy cultural Marxism. I’m really concerned with the anti Muslim and the right’s animosity toward the left. I see it as no different than anti Semitism. Israel is not always right but Israel has a right to exist.

    I’m really concerned when I see absolute idiots like Sarah Palin rise in polarity waving the construction as a banner then completely contradicting the constitution with her prejudicial ideas. Freedom of religion and freedom of association are fundamental rights in a free and democratic society. If we are going to raise taxes to bomb people for their religious or their political affiliation, then I think that needs to be discussed.

    You’re absolutely right though. Generally speaking people don’t give a rat’s a*s about politics and have a 10 second attention span when the word conspiracy is used. I can see the stats. People really like seeing pictures of gang members. Yet I really believe if we are going to address the problem we need to look at the political solutions.

    I’m from Surrey. Chuck Cadman was a member of the Reform party. The same party that objected to Mulroneyism. Chuck Cadman was well respected here. He was screwed over by the Harper government twice and went independent. Trying to bribe him with an insurance fraud was shameful. Yet Chuck Cadman’s genuine activism was noble.

  5. A guy I work with is from Alaska and agrees that Palin is a goof. There's good reason why she wasn't the governor for long, only part of which is the Murkowski family.

    Don't get me started on Canadian politics.... The "top" people of any of the parties are all of the same brand of sociopathy that seeks power through politics in any country. They think they are much more important than they are and will sell anything they can, be it your rights, water/power/timber/mining rights, or indeed Canada's future itself to benefit themselves. How do you think the Federal Liberals were able to stay in power for so long? They had zero problem allowing mass immigration from countries with (at that time) only minority representation in Canada's population, not caring what it would do to Canadian culture, but knowing that all those so graced would be happy to vote for those who allowed them into the country. IMO very few politicians actually have the true best interests of their constituents and their nation at heart. They'd sell their mother's on a street corner in Whalley to stay in power.

    The Conservatives have been trying to co-opt Reform from the start, same as the Republican establishment tried to do with the Tea Party down south.

    But yeah, Cadman was the real deal. Unfortun-
    atly there's a limit to what one guy can do. His constituents loved him but most of his colleagues wished he'd STFU so they could get on with "business as usual". Boy were they pissed when they couldn't buy him off.

  6. I wasn’t aware about the Murkowskis. If Palin opposed Lisa Murkowski, then that must have meant Lisa was a credible candidate. No doubt politicians tend to be used car salesmen in it for themselves and yes Chuck Cadman was the real deal. I have my share of concerns with the federal liberals but I’m not sure immigration is one of them.

    We are a multicultural society. Unless we are First Nations, all of us came here from somewhere else. After all, that was the American dream inscribed on the statue of liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free… I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

  7. I invite you to consider the difference between "multicultural" and "melting pot". Melting Pot means that those who come from other places assimilate. They learn the language, they adopt the values and mores of the country they come to, they FIT IN. They commit heart and soul to their new life. This does not mean that they forget where they come from, but that takes a back seat to where they are now.

    Multiculturalism, on the other hand, means that new immigrants are pandered to, not pushed to learn English, interpreters are provided for them, and they are eligible for welfare/social assistance and other monetary benefits paid out of the pockets of the taxpayers, whether they wish it or not. Politicians in effect BUY the votes of these communities of immigrants with other peoples money.

    There is nothing wrong with IMMIGRATION. The problem is lack of INTEGRATION, the encouragement to remain something other than Canadian. It is not news that many of the immigrants of the last 25 years maintain residences and property in other countries. To them a Canadian passport is a fallback measure against conditions in the ****hole they came from. To me this suggests that the commitment to Canada is only surface level and based solely on what can be gained from such association rather than admiration for and willingness to adopt Western European culture, laws, and values.

    It was correct that Canada find it's own identity apart from that of Britain. It is unfortunate that the man who was allowed to be the architect was a Frenchman, a Communist, and a lawyer, whose genius for self promotion was such that to this day he is revered by many. Most Canadians have no idea what they lost when the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was enacted. Like most Marxist/Socialist concepts, the title was deceptive. Sounded good, was actually something else.

  8. Wow, I don’t share your hate for the French. France donated the statue of Liberty and supported the American revolution which gave rise to the US Constitution. The French revolution was based on Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. That’s why they supported the American revolution. That certainly wasn’t Communist.

    I prefer the Mosaic model to the Melting pot model. We are all Canadian but we can still remember our unique cultural history and heritage. Your heritage doesn’t threaten or diminish mine. In a free society we are legally permitted to coexist without discrimination.

    If someone is from another country and lives in another country then applies for a Canadian passport and continues to live outside of Canada, I’m not sure the reason they became a citizen of Canada. Yet much of what you say sounds like Harper’s Hate. It’s the same doctrine which led the Oslo wacko to do his horrible deed to innocent people.

    Here in Canada you go to the bank machine and it gives you a language option of French or English. Here in Surrey they add to that the options of Mandarin and Punjabi. I personally don’t have a problem with that. You go across the line and in the States they have the option of English or Spanish. One doesn’t diminish the other. Are you saying we should all be force to learn the original First Nation language?

    I often go to the Chinese New Year parade and I often see Asians watching the Saint Patrick day parade. This is good. I oppose segregation because it tends to breed prejudice based on ignorance and fear. Take Belfast. You have a Catholic area on one side of the street and a Protestant area on the other side of the street.

    Segregation allows hate mongers to slander the other side and if none of the members of the congregation have friends on the other side they don’t realize the hate monger is lying to them about the other side. Corrymeela was a wonderful place where youth from one side were able to meet youth from the other side. Meeting someone from the other side and learning about them helped them understand each other. It doesn’t diminish either.

    In Israel they had the Oasis of Peace which did the same thing. The model is a free and democratic society were the freedom of religion is protected by law. Just as it is in the charter of rights. I cannot understand your hate for the charter of rights. The only thing it’s missing is properly rights. Other than that, it’s a huge step forward that protects a democratic society from discrimination.

  9. I'm not surprised evil like this comes out of a freemason lodge when they do pray to their god Lucifer . The freemasons aren't exactly open about their practices and this is because it's pure evil . He was only a 3rd degree which means he's low on the freemason ladder of degrees , 33rd being the highest .

  10. Ouch. What makes you say the Freemasons pray to Lucifer?

  11. How is it that I hate the French and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? I don't really think of you as a leftist, more of a centrist who decides each issue based on practicality and common sense, and am therefore a bit disappointed to see you immediately brand any criticism as "hate", which is pretty much a hallmark technique of PC/leftist types. Jeez...

    And you actually hit the nail on the head when you noted that the Charter is missing property rights. Does it surprise you that a (former)communist like Trudeau would think that this should specifically not be included in such a document? Canadians HAD property rights under British Common Law, hence my reference to "what they lost". "The only thing"?? Like that's something minor? You may wish to ask yourself if you are truly about individual rights first and foremost, or if you are actually more of a collectivist.

    I'm going to revisit your accusation of hatred for the French briefly. The only reason I mention that Trudeau was French is that I find it relevant to how much respect he had for the laws and traditions of law descended from Britain. Add in his Marxist philosophical bent and you have the disaster that was the Charter. But of course, if we throw words like "Rights" and "Freedom" into the title, it's all good, it can't be "baaad"...(sheep sound here)

    It's worth remembering that France was under a monarchy at the time of the American Revolution. Why people continually think that the French Revolution came first is beyond me but you are far from the only one who is under that mis-impression, this comes up constantly.

    The degree to which France supported the revolution was linked directly to their desire to screw with the British, and it certainly came back to bite the French monarchy in the ass (or more correctly, the neck) only a few years later when France had it's own revolution. It is almost certain that the French Revolution would never have occurred at all had not the Americans (who were all British at the time) demonstrated that it was possible to succeed at such a venture.

    The Oslo wacko was not led to do what he did because of political outlook. He did it because he's a wacko. There are plenty of folks all over Europe and elsewhere who hold some of his espoused views and yet are not planning mass murder over it. There are Muslim ghetto's in France, Britain, and Germany where the police do not go except in large numbers. "Cultural differences" such as honor killings, the forced subjugation of women, and demands that the host population allow them to do things the same way there as they did in the third world ****hole they came from are the "order" of the day. Such immigrants are paid thousands of Euro's in social assistance while the actual citizens of the country get to pay for it. Guess what happens when you reward and tolerate negative behavior? That's right, you get more of it. You should be familiar with this concept as it describes the sate of Canada's justice system perfectly.

    Denmark has reclaimed control of it's borders and is offering free plane tickets and other financial incentives to Muslim immigrants to return to their countries of origin. Of course, the leftists/multi-culturalists immediately start chanting "hate, hate, hate"....

    People have to fit in when they come to a new country. If they don't wish to give anything of themselves, but only to take, and to try to make their host country adapt to their ways, they need to GTFO and return from whence they came. There's nothing hateful about that.

    Please continue to (over)use the word hate at each and every opportunity. Invent opportunities even. The more you do it, the sooner it will lose the false effect you use it for and the sooner we can actually have debate on issues rather than stifling it by labeling it as something that by "definition" is not up for debate...

  12. OK perhaps it’s just a hate for Trudeau and for Socialists. If Canadians had property rights under the previous common law jurisprudence, then the Charter of Rights didn’t remove that right. It simply didn’t mention it. That means it didn’t over ride the previous common law. People could argue we already had the freedoms in the Charter of Rights as part of the common law too. Yet the Charter of Rights entrenched those freedoms like the US Constitution did. Before that, Parliament could create a law that would over ride the previous common law and remove free speech or freedom of association.

    I’d hardly refer to the Charter of Rights as a disaster. Let’s take the Irish Proclamation. It mentions protecting individual rights and collective rights:

    One of the signers, James Connolly was a Communist. The others were not. I found it somewhat ironic a Communist would sign a declaration supporting the freedom of religion, the freedom of association and the freedom of speech.

    I think the Oslo lunatic was a wacko with a political outlook. We were told by a German media source that the motivation for his murders was hate. Martin Luther King stood up against racial prejudice. Surely the lynching and racial prejudices the Blacks experienced in North America during slavery and for some time after can only be described as hate.

    I agree there are extremists within the Muslim faith just as there are extremists within Christianity. Hitler as well as the White Power movement claim to be Christian. It would be unfair for me to say we should deport every Christian because they are Arian Nation. I think Bush and Harper are trying to get us to hate Muslims so we will voluntarily give up our pensions, hospitals and schools to pay for bombing them for their oil. Personally, I see that as immoral. A free and democratic society protects the individual’s right to freedom of association. I don’t like it when large corporations have more power then democratically elected governments.

  13. "I don’t like it when large corporations have more power then democratically elected governments."

    Well, we at least agree on this unconditionally. I can't claim to have a workable solution to this. I wish someone did. The only ones I ever hear seem completely likely (if not actually proven to have done in the past) to result in a totalitarian state, which we would also like to avoid. Weak government appears to be the type least capable of violating people's rights, but everything's a trade-off, right? What we need is that duality, weak in some area's, strong in others. But then there's that pesky trend of all the wrong people attempting to be the ones in the drivers seat, and even when the right ones get there, the circumstances change them and what they are willing to do. Or maybe they just lied to get elected.

    At the end of the day, human nature ensures we will never achieve perfection in this, but we sure deserve better than what we've got. Or not. There's the saying that people get the government they deserve, or that they are willing to tolerate. Personally I think the original vision and promise of the American founding fathers was the best answer/philosophy, but I am not so blind as not to know that much of that has never in fact been realized. Any plan, even the best plan, is still subject to subversion by the negative aspects of human nature. And if the "one world'ers", globalists, and NWO types have their way, that promise too, that shining light, will fade from human experience.

    Google "David Rockefeller quotes" This is what they want for us.

  14. Ah yes, no two people disagree on every issue. I totally agree that the Rockefellers are a large concern for individual rights and freedoms. I guess I’m a constitutionalist. Individual rights and freedoms need to be protected by a constitution that binds an elected government so they can’t just violate it with an act of legislation.


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