Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gay Pride in Vancouver

Well Gay Pride has been in the news with all the events leading up to the Pride Parade. It's become a huge corporate event. The Vancouver Province ran an article about a Kwantlen University professor and former Surrey North MP Candidate who simply expressed his opinion on twitter saying they should ban the Gay pride parade because of it's vulgar display of sexuality. Let's see how long he keeps his job.

This is where we need balance between the extremes. Obviously no one is going to ban the Vancouver Gay Pride Parade. It's too big of a corporate event. Yet everyone has the right to express their opinion and I think it's important to identify the concern he raised.

What two consenting adults do behind closed doors is no one's business but their own. Beating up someone for their sexual orientation is archaic. Yet do we really need the public display of promiscuity? The whole point of Gay Marriage is a strange controversy. People are going to be gay. Why then get all freaked out when a gay couple want to make a commitment to be faithful to each other?

Some extremists claim that the down fall of Rome was because of their acceptance of homosexuality. I beg to differ. I think it had more to do with their acceptance of promiscuity. I'd be interested in hearing what all these vocal opponents to gay marriage have to say about the TV series desperate housewives. In my opinion adultery is worse than a gay couple promising to be faithful to each other.

The point of the professor's rant was a concern about the public display of sexuality. Nudity, Lingerie, whips and chains, free condoms. Is this something we really want to bring our kids to? I'd certainly like to. I'd like it to be a family event. Some responded with the argument that the Pride Parade isn't for everyone implying that the sexuality really isn't intended for kids. Do we really need that aspect of it then? Let's clean it up so we can bring our kids instead of polarizing the community and thereby creating more division and hate and let's not fire this professor for expressing his opinion.


  1. Good luck with this. You will be lucky if you are not accused of hate speech.

    There are plenty of gays who look and act basically the same as anyone else, except that they are gay. The people in the parade are exhibitionist freaks, and I mean that in a definitional way. Their behavior is not normal, and that's on top of being gay not being normal. Which it's not, regardless of how much they hate that reality. Once again, this is just definitional, if it was "normal" it would be practiced by more than "the other 1%". That's a great phrase/allusion by the way, you should copyright it.

  2. Yeah, I think that’s the point though. There’s a different between being gay and being an exhibitionist. It’s like the Merit Mountain orgy. My concern is with the exhibitionism. Most gay guys I know are intelligent, competent and trustworthy. They’re in committed relationships. I think the exhibitionism can further alienate and irritate the homophobes. The United church had the perfect compromise on gay marriage. They said allow gay civil marriage and allow churches to decide for themselves whether or not to perform gay marriages. Forcing a church to perform gay marriage would be as wrong banning gay marriage. It takes away their religious freedom.


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