Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse reported dead

This is a shocking tragedy. Amy Winehouse was indeed an immensely talented singer. Her struggle with drug addiction was very public. I myself joked about the fact that she was a poster girl showing why people shouldn't smoke crack yet no one would wish this kind of misfortune on anyone.

She was famous for her remake of the song They tried to make me go to rehab. Amy Winehouse certainly isn't the only famous musician that struggled with drug addiction. All that money and all that pressure can be a very challenging combination.

The reason I joked about the situation was because some were taking her mocking about going to rehab to the extreeme and were rationalizing drug addiction which clearly is nothing to joke about or endorse. The physical transformation on her body was extreme. The obsession with anerexia is tragic. People need to be more acepting of themselves. The obsession with losing weight is not healthy. Yet skinny or fat people are human and despite Amy's physical transformation she was still a beautiful person.

Betral and loss are hard to deal with. It was tragic when one of her "friends" sold a copy of a video she made of Amy smoking crack. That must of hurt. Even more painful was to see the context of the video. It was after the break up of her marriage. She had a wedding photo on the wall and was looking at it as she lit up the crack pipe. It was heart breaking to see.

I am very sorry to hear of Amy Winehouse's death. I still think joking about not going to rehab and promoting drug adicition is wrong and this tragic death reinforces that. People who make money off that kind of addiction are parasites. Amy Winehouse will always be remembered as a talented musician and a beuatiful human being.

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