Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Ottawa Police Brutality Allegations

Roxanne Carr alleges that Ottawa police officers broke her arm and wrist, banged her head against the floor and left her naked in a cell for hours after her arrest on Aug. 23, 2008. The incident was investigated by Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit, which found no wrongdoing by police.

After the charges were dropped the court ordered the video be released. Yet the video went missing and the replacement video was selective. The first clips shows he being partially hog tied. Her body in each clip seems almost lifeless so it would appear that any brutality had already happened.

What we do know is what was seen on the Stacy Bonds Ottawa police brutality video from September of 2008 14 days later involving one of the same officers.

Another blogger in Ottawa described another scene. I arrived at the corner of Bank and MacLaren this afternoon as three police officers were trying to put an unconscious, handcuffed woman into the back of a van. She looked like a rag doll. Then they changed their minds and laid her out on the sidewalk and sent for an ambulance.

In that case what I find disturbing is the police's bully tactics of preventing the public from talking photos. No doubt of the Rodney King video wasn't allowed to be taken, we never would have seen it. As police brutality rises the public do have the right to take photos and videos of suspected brutality.

Interesting to note that someone claiming to be Roxanne Carr made a post in that thread describing the events that led up to her arrest. She claims she was beaten to a pulp before she arrived at the police station. It was her room mate Devon Morgan who called the police. He was a military cop and also worked with the Ottawa Police and called one of his friends.

Obviously not all police are bad, yet increasingly we see arrogance rise and brutality increase. This needs to be kept in check by a civilian agency.


  1. I'm sure she broke her own arm and wrist by looking at them hard... :rolleyes: The tape disappeared....they don't think much of people's intelligence do they? Or maybe they are so used to it just not mattering, because "We're the Police, we can do whatever we want." (Unofficial VPD motto)

    And you wonder why the government and the police don't want the citizenry owning guns for self protection. They might wind up protecting themselves against people who beat the crap out of them, whomever that might be.

    Really, you can see that these so called protectors of the public think very little of said public. A child would not believe that these injuries were inflicted by anyone but officers in the course of their arrest, nor believe it to be sheer coincidence that the tape disappeared. That "tape disappearing" or "camera not turned on/working shit" is used over and over again. Kind of an insult to everyone's intelligence and yet they keep doing it again and again, and why?

    Because it works. They are never called to account for, nor effectively punished for their misdeeds.

    "Nothing to see here, move along......"

  2. I have actually experienced police brutality in my past and even tried to press charges and of course the charges were dropped against the officer.
    If I ever see a police officer actually have to own up to using too much force or just plain beating up on some one too small or cuffed and cannot defend themselves I will be amazed!!

  3. Every time that I am arrested the police assault me. I have a mental illness and I think that they are afraid of me.
    I was thrown to the ground really hard for tresspassing at the Mission. I was tazered at home for no reason. I was hit by a police cruiser and then beaten for protecting myself from a crackhead girl who slapped me. I was punched in the face multiple times for slapping a jail guard who assaulted me.


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