Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bacchus Pride rally in Saint John

Speaking of Gay Pride, the Hells Angels are holding their own Bacchus Pride rally in Saint John this weekend. Three cheers for the Hells angels and the City of Saint John for publicly endorsing Bacchus Pride. We all know that Bacchus was indeed the patron saint of homosexuality.

The Fredericton police had warned council that the North Star Sports Bar Pub and Eatery had become a magnet for Bacchus and Hells Angels members. At least one Bacchus member, Ron Richard, denied allegations the club has plans to expand in Fredericton in an interview with the Daily Gleaner. He said members just enjoyed going to the pub to party and have a good time. Yeah right.

"We're just old men who like to party with strippers and Viagra. I'm sure their wives and children are thrilled about that. At what point were they planning on growing up?

So if the Rebels wore their colours at the North Star sports bar in Fredericton, and if the Hells Angels and Bacchus admitted they liked to party there, what does that say about their affiliation with the local Rebels?

So what affiliation is Rob and Mike Bubba McLaughlin aspiring to? Maybe Mike wants to trade in his faith for a 666 patch. Be careful what you wish for. You won't be independent after you sell your soul to the devil. Let's just hope they don't sell any more crack or crystal meth in town. No doubt they are under the watchful eye of the po po. Party on dudes.

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