Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Winnipeg under Fire

More gang related fire bombings in Winnipeg.

Here's a timetable of events:

Fire - June 14th – 1800 block of Logan Avenue

Shots – June 26th – 100 block of Mighton Avenue

Shots – June 27th - 1500 Roy Avenue

Shots - June 28th – first 100 of Canberra Road

Shots – June 29th – 100 block of Stranmillis Avenue

Firearm located – June 29th – 100 block of Kingston Row

Male shot – July 4th – first 100 block of Taft Crescent

Fire – July 6th – 1800 block of Logan Avenue

Fire – July 10th – 200 block St. Mary’s Road

Fire – July 10th - 200 block of Royal Avenue

Fire – July 11th - 1700 block of King Edward Street

Fire - July 12th – 100 block of Mighton Avenue

Fire – July 13th – 100 block of Osborne Street

This is why the public hate both groups. Selling crack to kids with absolutely no regard for public safety. Rat them out.


  1. Very interesting. The HA have all but been wiped off the Winnipeg map since the big drug bust. This would be Rock Machine...and who else? Would love to know your thoughts, Agent K.

  2. Could be. I can’t figure out that Joseph Strachan guy. For all I know with his HA friends it could be his own people shooting at him.

  3. Strachan was LHS & they were (at one point) friendly with HA... probably until about the time HA took out the LHS's head honcho (Bekim Zeneli).

    Might be reason to go after HA?

    Some more interesting pics in here:

  4. JD: Thanks. Now that makes sense. All those LHS Myspace profiles are about 4 years old. I can understand that Strachan used to be friends with Tiny Mac and the 81 wing nuts. I’m just surprised he hasn’t updated his myspace since then. I realize most people here have ditched Myspace for Facebook. Big surprise that the BRM took out one of their own.

  5. I all started when Fat Corey was kicked out of Zig Zag Crew for being a fuck up. With nowhere else to go he turned Rock Machine.
    He wore is new colors and was going around bad mouthing HA Winnipeg.
    Well something had to be done, Ha could not has one of their old crew doing this. So he was told to meet up with some people about possible patching back. When he went to that meeting, the Redline Crew, with 2HA menders watch beat the shit out out Fat Corey pretty bad.
    Rock Machine had to do something in return.

    Daniel Kachkan also a ZigZag Crew member was killed in his own home. Kachkan was responsible for the Killing another ZigZag Crew member Arron Hanibal. The tie in here, which the paper never talked about was that Hanibal's little brother Gregg Hanibal, is now a Rock Machine member with pay back on his mind.
    Billy Boden, who was also very close to Hanibal was released from prison only a few weeks before Daniel Kachkan's death. Both Kachkan and Boden knew one another very well.
    Who ever Killed Kachkan had to have known him, becase there was no sign of forced entry and his dogs were fine.
    So it is not hard to do the math here... This is what set everything off everything.


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