Monday, July 25, 2011

The Rock Machine Down Under

Looks like the Rock Machine are involved in a similar conflict in Australia. Rock Machine president Paul Boof Samways had his tattoo parlor trashed after a previous arson attempt.

In Australia it's the Rebels not the Hells Angels who are fighting with the Rock Machine. The Rebels are affiliated with the Outlaws. Seems like the Rock Machine are having a hard time getting along with anyone.

The media reports that the arson attempt on Paul Samways' tattoo parlor happened after he testified against three Coffin Cheaters.

I have no problem with someone testifying against thieves, drug dealers or murderers. That's a civic duty. I have concerns when it's done to eliminate the competition so they can steal, sell drugs and commit murder themselves.

Standing up to the Hells Angels is a good thing but it's not a good thing if the reason you do it is so you can sell drugs and commit crime just like they do without having to give them a cut. That is rather pointless.

Nevertheless, in the Coffin Cheaters case, three coffin cheaters were accused of assaulting and stabbing bouncers with a knife after they were denied entrance to a bar with gang colours on. Samways testifying in that case is no act of treason.

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