Friday, July 1, 2011

A Dark Day

Well the mighty have fallen. I was reading through an editorial in the Vancouver Sun about the HST and I started to gag. I thought to myself who on earth would write such a bullsh*t column for the Sun. It's a bold faced lie and sounds like another paid add for the HST. Then I noticed it wasn't a columnist at all, it was Stockwell Day.

Well isn't that a big surprise. A conservative MP who supports Harper and supported Campbell also supports the HST. How the mighty have fallen. You would think a former freedom fighter like Stockwell Day would be in the trenches supporting Bill Vanderzalm on this issue. Not on the wrong side of the treason.

In the article he claims voting to extinguish the HST is a vote for raising taxes. That is a bold faced lie. 10% tax on something that wasn't previously taxed is a tax increase. Large Corporations like the HST because they are the ones that will be paying less tax while the consumer picks up the slack and pays the corporate tax for them. No wonder big corporations love the idea.

Get this. Stockwell Day has resigned as MP and has set up a consulting company that helps private clients develop a “government relations strategy” called Stockwell Day Connex. Sounds more like Conmen to me. It's OK. It's not a conflict of interest because the ethics commissioner said so. Gag.

The Office of the Conflict of Interest is a conflict of interest. It's simply a biased arbitrator appointed by the government to investigate itself and clear itself of any wrongdoing without having a real judge in a real court do it. Harper appointed Mary Dawson to the office of ethics commissioner. She was a Tory who worked with Brian Mulroney. Now she has been given this magical wand and title to repeatedly clear the Tories of conflict of interest charges without a trial. It is just another scam.

It's a dark day for all of us so it is. Stockwell Day has fallen from grace and Dolores Umbridge has been appointed ethics commissioner. If that's not conflicted, I don't know what is.

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