Saturday, July 9, 2011

Joseph Strachan's MySpace Friends

WTF. If Joseph Strachan is the president of the Rock Machine, then why does he have Tiny Mac as a Myspace friend along with a ship load of 81 supporters? Free Deli? What's up with that? After they kicked out Dog did the RM bend over for the BRM? With all that 81 love maybe we'll have to start calling them Serge short for Sergius.


  1. i hope they don't cross over but this Joseph Strachan is a complete ass so it wouldnt surpise me if he went back and pulled the rest with him.

  2. Rockmachine in manitoba are a bunch of rollout porn addicts creeping the net trying too be cyber gangsters living in there parents basements accusing all there members of being rats benjimen Thompson oops not saying any names lol biggest mistake was allowing them too get as far as they did giving kids guns and sending them on missions they can't handle no doubt there still out there doing the saem shit after JP beaumont passed away who knows how that happened that critical j aka strachan probably snitched his own crew out


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