Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hell Angels Bull riding on Crystal Meth

I thought this one was pretty bizarre but noticed Mike P thought it was cool. Here's a picture of a Hells Angel wearing colours as well as shorts and sneakers riding a bull in Wyoming. I don't understand what it is with the Hells Angels and sneakers. Even cowboys wear boots.

At first one has to ask if the guy is on crack. Well it turns out two of the Hells Angels on site were arrested in possession of crystal meth. So it was crystal meth not crack this time. My bad. One of them did a photo shoot with his daughter strapping spurs to his sneakers. Good dads don't sell crystal meth or run prostitution rings. I find the Hells Angels PR spin rather twisted.


  1. Is it the same Jose Gonzalez in the story that was from Haney? The article says this guy is from Berdoo

  2. Which link mentioned Jose Gonzalez? That would be ironic. I’d say off hand it was a different one although they do travel and visit other chapters.

  3. I must say.... Your blogging skills are incredible... BUT why don't you take your skills and use them in a way that might help people? Do you really think that spending, lets say 80% of your life stalking the HA is doing any good anywhere? Seriously though... who with a real life searches then on Google just to find the next "great" story, or goes around taking pictures of club houses? I'm sure the neighbours know they are there... they are obviously not scared cause they haven't move out the the neighbourhood... LIke I said, take your GREAT skills and write about something of importance... You blog right now is like some sort of fucked up drug... It's great to see your skills... but once you start to read you just get mad cause it's so fucked up...

  4. Thanks for the feedback. It doesn’t really take me that much time because a whole bunch of people send me links, photos and tips. I just basically read my e-mail, google what they send me and post it. I’ll tell why though. Selling crack. That is whacked. It’s the driving force behind the gang war and the Hells angels are at the heart of it. The Robert Shannon conviction and the Trevor and Randy Jones indictment prove that. When the Hells angels say no one else is allowed to sell pot in BC but them, I cry bullshit. Then there’s the Pickton farm. Now that is fucked up. Not only did they attend parties at Piggy’s Palace but they ran the bar and had a grow op on site. I’ve just begun to scratch the surface. The real dirt is still to come.


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