Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Harper bungled the Crime bills

Harper totally screwed up the crime bills which is not surprising in the least. Interject I told ya so here. The Harper tyranny pats themselves on the back and claims: "Canadians want and deserve to feel safe in their homes and communities," said Justice Minister Rob Nicholson at a press conference Tuesday morning. "We are delivering on our promise to get tough on crime and stand up for victims and law-abiding Canadians."

That is a bold faced lie. As soon as they got their coveted majority, they cut funding for the RCMP and the Gang Task Force. Now they've introduced a long list of "crime bills" and not one word mentioned about crack or crystal meth. Instead we read that anyone caught growing five marijuana plants for the purpose of trafficking would face six months in jail Anyone caught growing more than 500 plants would face at least two years in jail Imposes a minimum one-year sentence for anyone caught trafficking marijuana, with a maximum penalty up to 14 years from the current seven.

The cost of this proposal is simply outrageous and will crash our fragile judicial system just like in California. We needed mandatory minimum sentences for selling crack, cocaine and crystal meth not for pot. The Harper government is inherently evil and completely inept. They are liars. They say they are tough on crime but they are not. White collar crime is rampant in Mr. Harper's caucus and he refuses to deal with the real plague that is crippling our communities: crack and crystal meth. Shame, shame, shame.

Eathon Baron from the Vancouver Province pointed out in today's paper that under the new bungled crime bills a Child rapist will get less time than pot grower. This isn't just stupid. This is outrageous. I could shrug it off and say well I don't smoke pot so it doesn't really affect me but it does. I pay taxes and I live in the community. Raising taxes to put nonviolent offenders in jail is not something I support.

Mandatory minimum sentences will do nothing to curb the Hells Angels profit from all the grow ops they run. All the risk will be passed on to the owner operator while the real gangsters get off Scott free. Mandatory minimum sentences for pot growers means we will not have the resources to address the real concern, that is crack and crystal meth. Nor will it allow us to address the chronic offender insanity where the more property crime a crack addict commits to pay for his addiction, the less time in jail he serves.

We need mandatory minimum sentences for violent crime like swarming or murder, for chronic offenders who commit an insane amount of property crime and for selling hard drugs like crack or meth. That is what we need. Instead Harper took us to the other extreme knowing that is not what the democratic majority of Canadian citizens want just because he can. Mulroney knew we didn't want the GST. Campbell knew we didn't want the HST. Harper knew we didn't want mandatory minimum sentences for pot. Yet they all proceeded unilaterally just because they could. They will go down in history as scoundrels.

John Cummins is much more honest and trustworthy than Stephen Harper ever will be. We need old school Conservatives like Ron Paul not Neo Con fraudsters like Stephen Harper. Harper, Campbell and Mulroney share their own hall of fame. Scoundrels Forever Forever Scoundrels.


  1. Of course the facist Conservatives bungled it! Why are you surprised? He represents the global elite and please name a better way to lock up as many people as he can than going after marijuana?

    Just further proof that our government does not give a damn about the people.

    Love the blog, by the way! Too bad our mainstream media weren't the checks and balances on our society like they are supposed to be!

  2. Heh 5 plants min 6 months, can you say helooooo $3500 per lb and $260 pe rounce once again and a nice cash flow for organized crime.

  3. I think there should b mandatory minimums for rape and sexual child abuse but Harper wont do that cause he'd end up in jail or locking many of his his wealthy , sick , twisted friends up . All these government officials need to be fired and the system needs a complete overhaul , one that see's and hear's and does something about the problems we all face in Canada at this time .

  4. Easybiker: Indeed. Mandatory minimums for violent crime would be understandable but not for pot. Harper certainly does have it twisted.

  5. My daughter Dana Jane Turner was found dead/murdered 10 kms west of Innisfail by a third party. Her bones are still at the Medical Examiner's office in Calgary. The man who tried to kill her on June 22 by stabbing her in the head with a knife was let out of jail by pleading to a lesser charge and released after 50 days. My daughter went missing the next day. No charges have been made in my daughter's murder. Also since August 12 he stabbed an uncover cop and his cellmate. Now blinded in requied brain surgery to remove 3 parts of a pencil from his brain.

  6. I am profoundly sorry for your loss. A body has been recovered so we know a homicide took place. Another homicide in Edmonton. No doubt Mark Lindsey is the prime suspect since she went missing right after he was released from jail for assaulting her previously. Hopefully charges will be laid soon. The loss of your daughter is a complete tragedy. There never will be justice because nothing will bring her back. Yet public safety becomes the next priority as a repeat offender continues violent crime.

    This case is another example how we need to implement mandatory minimum sentences for violent crime and not prevent ourselves from being able to do that by over burdening the courts and prisons with nonviolent crime.


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