Friday, September 9, 2011

Little White Rock Ryan and the Chipmunks

Here's a picture of Little Whiterock Ryan in the middle with Larry Amero, the guy who was shot with Jonathon Bacon. Isn't the UN big in Whiterock? In the next picture he's on the left with Weird hal. He was even in the Revolution photo shoot with Shane Bunting.

Little Ryan says he has issues and he likes to flirt with addiction. How much did his pal wee Shane Bunting blow on Oxycontin and Viagra again? Bust this. Little Ryan claims "This is Whiterock. We got members taking guns to the airport." He would be referring to toothless. Villy Lynnerup the Sergeant at Arms for the Whiterock chapter of the Hells angels who was caught trying to get on an airplane with a gun. Why would somebody brag about something like that? He even mentions Tbarz. Isn't that where all the old brown pedophiles hit on young girls? Tbarz and the whiterock chapter of the Hells Angels were implicated in the US Indictment for that huge cross boarder drug ring bringing massive amounts of cocaine into Canada.

"You [the HAs] supported me when everyone doubted me." No wonder. Only an idiot like Weird Hal would support that kind of lyrical trash. The club made you an honest man. What a liar. There is nothing honest about that club. Who killed Britney Irvings, Geoff Meisner and Juel Stanton? There's nothing honest about selling crack and running prostitution rings. That's not manhood.

The person who posted that song also posted Germarier: White skinheads fight for C18. Go figure. That is what the Canadian military fought against in the trenches and on the beach at Normandy.

Ryan Chiappe, Kalib Starnes, Little White Rock Ryan and Rob Velek. Ryan Chiappe is 5' 9". How tall are the rest of them? DY was the only good rapper. Why did they kill him? "Selling crack and flippin keys?"


  1. When I first saw that photo with Larry, it looks like he's holding a stuffed animal.

  2. Just wondering Agent K, in all your posts you seem to be really obsessed with height. Especially if a guy is shorter than the average height. I'm not really sure why that is though. It seems like if you see a tall guy doing terrible things you call him out for doing terrible things but if a short guy does something terrible, you blame it on "short man syndrome" and the like.

    Not that I really care. It just seems kind of weird is all. You didn't really do it in this post but you did have that little blurb at the end asking what everyone else's heights were. Seems like a weird and superficial thing to worry about. If I could give you some advice it would be to focus on these people's terrible actions rather than silly things that ultimately don't matter such as height.

  3. My point was kinda simple. In the last photo Ryan Chiappe is the tallest one there and the others are much shorter than he is. Yet he’s only 5’ 9”. That means these big bad bikers in the photo aren’t very tall. Neither was Walter Stadnick for that matter. He was very short. Weird Hal is pretty short too. To my knowledge Weird Hal is the only one I claimed to have small man syndrome. Just because you’re short doesn’t mean you have small man syndrome. You can be a really big guy and still be very insecure and thus display the symptoms of small man syndrome. Little Ryan is short and even calls himself little Ryan. I don’t think he has small man syndrome though. Not like Weird Hal does.

  4. Hmm, okay that's fair enough. I still don't see the point in saying that these "big bad bikers" are actually physically small. It seems like a really unnecessary thing to point out to be honest and just detracts from your post. Are people not supposed to feel intimidated anymore? Anyone can use a gun or some other weapon.

    Also, I don't think I got my point across well enough with what I was stating in the first paragraph. You say that a "really big guy" can "display symptoms of small man syndrome." I don't really understand how this works. I know plenty of very big people who are always trying to pick fights and prove how macho they are due to their insecurities. Whenever they are confronted by people their own size, they back down. These people are often bullies when they are younger and then grow up to be bullies as they age. It's completely cowardly. You would call this "small man syndrome." I, however, do not understand why this is "small man syndrome" when it is so stereotypical of larger men. Should it not be "big man syndrome?"

    Anyway, this is obviously a petty thing to discuss but I just thought it might be interesting to point out. I feel that you come from a good place when you write these posts but there are just some little things that kind of irk me. Many people say things like this and I never can get a solid answer when I ask them about it.

    Thanks for replying Agent K! Keep up the good work!

  5. I do make a lot of sarcastic comments on the side that likely aren’t very appropriate. Sure anyone can pick up a gun and pull a trigger but a small guy just doesn’t generate the same fear factor a guy like Sean Wolfe does. It’s like the Ontario Hells angels that were riding around with shorts sneakers and a full face helmet. Personally I find that very laughable. I’m sure others wouldn’t find it nearly as amusing as I do.

    When you say you know a lot of really big guys who pick fights but back down from guys their own size, that’s pretty much exactly what I mean about a big guy having small man syndrome. Picking fights because he’s insecure. I just think it’s amusing how so many of the “gangsters” can be so concerned about their appearance they’ll take tons of steroids but the steroids won’t make them taller. They so desperately want to be “big” but there’s only so much a pill can do.

  6. You're absolutely right with that. A bigger, Sean Wolfe type of guy is definitely more intimidating than a smaller guy. I see what you're saying there. It's about image and the image that is being portrayed doesn't come across as easily if the people doing the intimidating are smaller guys.

    About your second paragraph, I think I might just be confusing with what you are referring to as "small man syndrome." I often hear people calling it "short man syndrome" instead. I guess the problem I have with it is that I feel that the stereotype doesn't really make sense and is perpetuated because of confirmation bias. Someone sees a smaller/shorter person being an aggressive douche, and so they mentally take note of the fact that he was small because others have said that this is how smaller/shorter people are. Over the course of their lives, they'll encounter other smaller/shorter people being douches and will takes note of all these accounts of douchebaggery. They can remember all these times of smaller/shorter people being idiots and so it they correlate the aggressiveness with being short.

    At the same time, I feel like most people do not correlate being big and tall with aggressiveness/douchebaggery. They interact with plenty of big guys being complete assholes over the course of their lives but they never associate the the aggressiveness with size. They instead chalk it up to each individual person being a douche instead.

    This is probably beyond the scope of this blog and is kind of pointless of me to bring up. Not really sure why I did. I'm actually like this with a lot of topics. I see how this whole stereotyping thing goes on to a lot of different types of people and it kind of bothers me. Ie. A woman does something manipulative, and suddenly all women are manipulative. A black person kills someone, and suddenly all black people are prone to kill. A short guy picks a fight because he is an insecure douche, suddenly all short guys are aggressive and prone to fighting and wanting to prove their manhood. I don't like how these stereotypes are perpetuated so often.

    Sorry if I'm coming across preachy or anything. No one is perfect. I say stupid things all the time. I find that as I get older though I catch myself before I release most of the stupid. =)

  7. Little White Rock Ryan the rapper? Guys, this is no more than weird Hal up to his shenanigans again. Obviously after the complete embarassment he bestowed upon his chapter and fellow brothers around the world (I seriously thought it was another Pheonix documentary with a biker twist), hes trying to make a more low key, alter ego, slim shady a la Eminem, type character to take his career to the next level (smirk), without tieing it to the HA. You can seriously tell that its the same voice just pushed through some auto-tuning, voice synthing software, but no doubt the same douche. My question is whether his brothers told him to stop completely and dont know that hes continued rapping about gang life and members taking guns to the airport, without their permission or knowledge?


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