Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The UN and the Hells Angels - a bad date

OK this one's finally about the UN... and the Hells Angels. Only it surprises us coming from the UN. The Hells Angels, well, we've begun to expect that sort of thing from them. Omid Bayani, a member of the UN has gone missing right before being sentenced on a drug charge.

The whole case involved trafficking date rape drug with the Hells Angels in Maple Ridge and in Toronto. Omid Bayani, from the UN and Vincenzo James Sansalone from the Haney Hells Angels were arrested in BC. 600 litres of the drug was seized all together.

Mark Figueiredo was the Hells Angels associate convicted on the Ontario end. He brought his wife and niece and cried like a baby in court when he was sentenced to six years for trafficking date rape drug. What if someone had used that drug on his wife, sister or niece? Can't they see something is inherently wrong with this picture?

I will add that Mark Figueiredo was sentenced in Ontario back in 2008 while Omid Bayani, charged in the same drug trafficking ring is just being charged now, three years later. Ontario has a much larger population than BC does. They have many more cases to go through yet they go through them faster than we do. Yet they have the same federal criminal code. Another example of why something is wrong with our judicial system in BC.

My point here is that the UN borrow some Chinese Charaters and talk about loyalty, honour and respect just like the Hells Angels do. Yet their is no honour, loyalty or respect in selling date rape drug. None whatsoever. In fact, since it is my opinion no one sells drugs in Maple Ridge without the Hells angels permission, just like in Prince George, I wonder who sold the teenagers the date rape drug to give to that young girl at a party in Maple Ridge where they took pictures of themselves gang raping her and posted it on the Internet. That was deranged.

Every time the police make a cross border drug bust involving the Hells Angels one has to ask oneself how much more already got through. In this case, where did the kids get the date rape drug from in Maple Ridge to give to the girl they gang raped?

We were told the Hells Angels had a rule against rape. That was such a lie. Mom Boucher was convicted of armed rape before becoming a Hells Angel. Dave Pickton was a Hells angels associate and he was convicted of rape on the same pig farm his brother was convicted of murdering all those women. Then we have two cases of gang rape before the courts in Prince George committed by members of the GTS in the Renegades clubhouse. The Renegades being a puppet club for the Hells Angels. GTS being drug dealers who sell crack for the Hells angels in Prince George just like the Zig Zag Crew did for the Hells angels in Winnipeg.

There is no honour in that and there is no honour in lying about that. We expect it from the Hells angels but it disappoints us to hear from the UN. Saying one thing and doing another is living a lie. That's worse than reporting a crack dealer or a rapist to the police. Much worse. That is the legacy they have to live with. DFFD.

And just for the record, Michael (Speedy) Christiansen who came from the Halifax chapter of the Hells Angels to the East Van chapter and currently with Kelowna chapter along with his 13th Tribe pal David Giles was sentenced for a gang rape back in Halifax before he became a Hells Angel. Great guys.


  1. I 'like' the way they copy the HA 'AFFA' thing with UFFU....LOL. Real imaginative..The other 1% gangs do this, (even though they all hate each other :rolleyes: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery")so it's not unique, but as far as I know the UN would be the first non OMG gang to do this. Next thing you know they will start riding motorcycles...and then comes the inevitable patch-over...oh wait, HA isn't a multicultural organization, so scratch the patch-over...

    Losers one and all..... LFFL

  2. Agent K:

    "Saying one thing and doing another is living a lie. That's worse than reporting a crack dealer or a rapist to the police. Much worse."

    What's up with that comment, Agent K?

    Are you saying that reporting a crack dealer is a degree of "worse"...? Phoning the cops is some degree of *ratting*? Maybe I just can't read what you wrote, or the writing itself is not entirely clear, but you do indeed seem to be saying that reporting drug criminals to the Police falls under some level of *worse*..behaviour...?

    The whole idea is to report every last thing that's out of whack to the Police. A meth-head in my building threatened to "beat you" to me today, and by the end of the day, he's got a new Police file, been reported to the landlord in writing, they'll have the Police file number by tomorrow.

    Is doing that some degree of *worse* to you?

  3. Do be careful though Freddy. I wouldn’t want anyone to get targeted because of something I did on my web site. Don’t give up your anonymity. These guys don’t fight fair.

  4. You know those psych tests where they show you a picture and you are supposed to say the first thing that pops into your mind?



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