Friday, September 30, 2011

Murder suspect is son of former police chief

Speaking of John Lindsay, the Edmonton police chief who resigned after controversy of the department leaking information to the Hells Angels, turns out his son Mark has been arrested in Kamloops. Mark Lindsay is the suspect in an Edmonton homicide investigation and had apparently been the target of an RCMP “Mr. Big” operation until he allegedly stabbed one of the undercover officers involved last week in Barriere, BC outside Kamloops.

Lindsay entered a guilty plea in August in an Edmonton courtroom to one count of assault with a weapon after stabbing his girlfriend, 31-year-old Dana Turner, in the head with a paring knife nearly two months earlier. He was handed a conditional sentence order and an 18-month probation term and released from custody on Aug. 12. Turner went missing on Aug. 14 and has not been seen since.

The bizarre thing is, as soon as he was released from prison for stabbing his girlfriend, Dana Turner, in the head, she went missing.


  1. My daughter Dana Jane Turner's bones were found by a pump jack employee on October 9 by a third party. The man, Mark Lindsay who tried to murder her on June 22 was released after 50 days. His original charge was Attempted Murder but he plead down to a much lesser charge and was let out on August 12. Dana went missing on August 13 and was later found murdered. Since his release he has also stabbed an undercover cob in Kamloops are and is now in Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre. He stabbed his cell mate in the eye with a pen and pencil. The young man is now blind and had to receive brain surgery. The vision in his one eye is gone for good. No charges regarding the murder of my daughter have been filed.

  2. I am profoundly sorry for your loss. A body has been recovered so we know a homicide took place. Another homicide in Edmonton. No doubt Mark Lindsey is the prime suspect since she went missing right after he was released from jail for assaulting her previously. Hopefully charges will be laid soon. The loss of your daughter is a complete tragedy. There never will be justice because nothing will bring her back. Yet public safety becomes the next priority as a repeat offender continues violent crime.

  3. Dana was a friend of mine and coworker she was so sweet and kind. I had a dream of her the other night it was so vivid and I think it was her sister crying in the backroom and Dana looked at me and said " I love you all" she seemed at peace and it's like she wanted us all to know she is.
    Who ever did this to her ,will or already is living in a hell life and wanted to get rid of falling angels on earth.
    Rip Dana.god bless you.


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