Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another tragedy at the Regent Hotel

Another suspicious death at the Regent Hotel in East Vancouver Friday night. A woman fell from a six story window. A witness heard her scream help me right before she fell. This death falls upon the anniversary of another tragic death at the Regent Hotel where witnesses claim Ashley Machiskinic was pushed out of the window for a drug debt.

We know that Hells Angel associate Tony Terezakis was a convicted drug dealer who filmed himself beating addicts for drug debts at the Cobalt and the American Hotel in East Vancouver. This is why letting the Hells Angels have a monopoly on the drug trade in East Vancouver is not a good thing.

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  1. Pay your bills and you won't have a problem. I LIVED DOWN HERE ON HASTINGS AND MAIN FOR 31 years and I never ever had a problem with drug dealers our other hoes our just every body in general. I AM 46 and I have all my own teeth Ok never had any body break any bones that's because Ok respected every body and no matter what I treat people like I like to be treated
    Even if they treat me like shit I still treat them like I like to be treated that's how I survived and I don't even look my age. I never front ed dope that I couldn't pay for. I MINDED MY OWN BUSINESS HUNG ON MY OWN STAYED AWAY FROM THE PLAYER HATERS.


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