Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stephen Harper threatens to cut funding for the RCMP Entirely

Today the Vancouver Province ran an article entitled "RCMP could walk from B.C." It almost sounds like the RCMP are fed up and are ready to leave. Not so. After cutting funding for the RCMP and the Gang Task force Harper rewrites the RCMP contract and tells them take it or leave it. He says we want you to sign it by November or we will pull out of BC. The RCMP want to keep doing their job. Stephen Harper is threatening to pull the plug.

This is so wrong. First off there's pros and cons to Regional policing. Yet that isn't the issue. Once again we see Stephen Harper trample free collective bargaining rights. Not a good precedent in a democratic nation. We know that the RCMP is not unionised like many of the City police forces. You would think if Harper is spending millions to promote the RCMP as a brand, he'd treat them with a little more respect.

I'll tell you this: Jack Layton would not have done something like that. God rest his soul. Jack Layton would have treated the RCMP with much more dignity and respect than Stephen Harper has. Isn't that ironic?

So maybe Regional Policing will be thrust upon us by a dishonest politician who pipmed the tough on crime lie just to get a majority government so he could govern. If that's the case then he has to stop collecting taxes for the RCMP if he's going to expect the Provinces to pick up the tab.

It's a sad day for Canada when we let these disrespectful tactics permeate throughout our collective bargaining. Back in the day the big corporations wanted to get their greedy little mitts on pension surpluses. They saw all that money sitting there and they wanted to invest it in high risk stocks to make even more money and return the principle when they were finished using it.

No way we said, pensions are sacred. So what was their response? They decided that if they stopped paying into pensions altogether, they could take the money they were putting into employees pensions and put it in a fund of their own. They way they could spend the interest and have the principle too. I kid you not. Stephen Harper stole the Postal workers pension and hid that theft under the mask of back to work legislation. That was another Harper scam.

Canada Post told there employees they wanted to steal their pension. The employees overwhelmingly voted against that theft. Then the company punished them for voting no to losing their pensions and locked them out knowing full well Stephen Harper would legislate them back to work which he did. With a legislated wage settlement less than what the company was offering them. Not only did he steal their pension but he punished them for saying no in the first place. Stephen Harper is a devil. No doubt he wants to steal the RCMP pension just like he stole the Postal Workers pension. Oh the cunning plan of the evil one.


  1. "a devil"? "the Evil one"? give me a break. your just pouting because your candidate didn't get voted in.

    Not sharing the ideologies of a politician is fine, but calling the person the devil?? a little over the top, don't you think? that means that everyone that voted for the PC's are satanists then? whatever you say fella!

  2. You’re not getting it. It’s not a matter of the candidate I voted for didn’t get in. He lied about Canada handing over prisoners in Afghanistan to be tortured. He lied about it, then fired and slandered the whistle blower. Stealing pensions is in my opinion something the devil would do. When a fraudster steals pensions funds through white collar crime he is a criminal. When the government does it through an act of legislation he is a politician.

    There is a huge list of really serious things wrong and a huge web of lies and denial hiding them. Criminal activity hidden by lies is someone I would think the devil does. No I most certainly wouldn’t say that everyone who voted for Harper are satanists. I’d say they were conned.

  3. I’d say Brian Mulroney was a devil. He fraudulently misappropriated $2 million in taxes because he committed perjury in a court settlement. He should be in jail for that fraud. Bribing Chuck Cadman with an insurance fraud is something the devil would do. Sending our prison system into absolute chaos with an insanely disproportionate crime bill that lets violent and serious offenders off while it fills and over burdens the fragile system with nonviolent offenders is something the devil would do.


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