Saturday, September 3, 2011

A letter from Jeff Buziak

Someone forwarded me this e-mail from Jeff Buziak who is the father of Saanich realtor Lindsay Buziak who was murdered after returning from trip to Calgary where a large Hells Angels drug bust was made. This is the letter:

Lawless: Beautiful British Columbia

A common view of The Province of B.C. now is that it is mostly a lawless province unless you are a speeder or impaired driver. Anything else goes! People now plan or change their careers in The Province of B.C. to be directly involved in, or complimenting criminal activity. The most popular areas they focus in are importation of illegal drugs and weapons, exportation of illegal drugs, manufacture of illegal drugs, distribution of illegal drugs and weapons, money laundering, loan sharking, various ancillary activities involved in support of the previous activities and defending people involved in those activities (lawyers). Alternatively if you get caught and convicted you can go to law school in The Province of B.C. As a learned friend of mine was caught saying, Unfkgbelievable! what goes on in The Province of B.C.

In The Province of B.C. the consequences of these career choices are minimal and less dangerous than crossing the street, speeding or getting caught impaired driving. The bonus is NO TAXATION! Yes you may be shot but chances are slim if the percentages are calculated and you have a bigger or more guns at you disposal. Besides, guns are easy to purchase in The Province of B.C. if you have cash. Cash is easy to accumulate if you are a criminal because you don’t have to pay taxes. Why not then?

Arrests are few compared to the volume of illegal activity transpiring in The Province of B.C. The No. 1 industry in The Province of B.C. is criminal activity but the press, of course, doesn’t publish that fact and have trouble measuring it, as criminals pay no taxes and are slippery slimy creatures avoiding public record but seeking public attention. If by fluke a criminal does get arrested, hungry lawyers clamber to defend them, as they want to get part of the lucrative action and build their reputations as defenders of freedom to do whatever the fuck you want. Alternatively, if arrested, cop a plea, formulate a teary apology and charges will be dropped or it will take years and years for your case to go to trial. In the mean time it is full on sex, drugs and rock n’ roll baby. Why not then?

The Province of B.C. has a proven track record of no consequences. Unsolved murders like Lindsay Buziak’s and many more, few charges or arrests that stick in the criminal world, light sentences, early releases and little if any action taken by police, politicians or citizens.

Consider the following:
No charges in the Vancouver hockey rioting.
No charges or suspects in the Bacon massacre.

Lindsay Buziak’s unsolved murder and many others with no arrests or suspects. Criminals functioning freely in The Province of B.C. society living in upscale residences and neighbourhoods, driving luxury/exotic vehicles, constantly partying, travelling extensively and swiftly implementing their own justice. It’s one big party in The Province of B.C. with no impunity. Why not then?

Don’t fool yourselves law-abiding, tax paying citizens there will be consequences for all that cocaine being snorted in The Province of B.C. When the losers start firing high power automatic assault weapons midday on the main strolling boulevard in one of The Province of B.C’s most popular tourist destinations it is just a matter of time before you or one of yours is killed in the crossfire! When rioters and looters can destroy property, endanger lives and disrupt the peace in one of the most beautiful cities in the world without impunity, you have a problem!

When losers in your society can freely go around and execute innocent young victims like our precious Lindsay Buziak and others without consequences or arrests you have a big fucking problem! Should we do something about it? Why not?? There are no consequences in The Province of B.C. are there Premier Christie Clarke, Solicitor/Attorney General Shirley Bond, Mayor Frank Leonard, Police Chief Mike Chadwick?

Is it time to arm yourself and take justice into your own hands? Why not? What are we waiting for? More deaths, rioting, lawlessness and criminal activity that goes without justice or taxation or are you waiting for new politicians or a premier chosen from the ranks of the UN Gang, the Scorpions, The Hells Angels or the Mafia?

Arm yourselves, be vigilant and execute before its too late folks. Ken Brotherston finally said enough and took action that resulted in punishment matching the lawlessness.

I’ve almost given up on The Province of B.C. and their lawless system. One tries but what’s the point when the criminals kill our children without consequences. There must be justice implemented by somebody. Why not? There are no consequences in Beautiful British Columbia!

Stay tuned,

Jeff Buziak


I will point out that changing the laws won’t bring justice for Lindsey because no one has been charged. Changing our attitude about ratting out murders will. If you have any information about this murder, please let us know. AK

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  1. To Jeff Buziak,


    First, allow me to express my condolences on the loss of your daughter. I can only imagine my own rage were I in your shoes.

    It is unfortunate that it takes things getting to the point they are in Beautiful B.C. for people to wake up and consider the often harsh realities of life. I congratulate you for being capable of realizing that there is only one way of solving such a problem, especially at the level it now exists. This realization, and acceptance of that reality, that is so often gained only in the face of unimaginable loss such as that you have suffered, is the beginning of hope, hope for a way out of the darkness.

    You must be an example to others who also have seen what you have seen, but have not yet turned the corner as you have. The battle will be hard, and future sacrifices will need to be made, but it has always been thus. The goal is to make sure that those sacrifices are paid by those who have greatly assisted in the creation of this misery, and have profited by it. The innocent and the weak have already paid enough.

    May God bless and comfort you in your loss.

    I call upon all those in Law Enforcement who have felt helpless to stop this plague, and those who spread it. Use your discretion. We know that you may not feel that you can actively support such effort, you too have families to support, but you can help nonetheless, and it's very simple. DO THE RIGHT THING. The right thing is not always what the law says . Yes, you have taken an oath to up hold the law, but you as protectors of the society you serve have an even higher, unsworn obligation, and that is to see that 'right' wins out, and that those who are evil do not profit from their wickedness unmolested by their victims.

    Do what you can, and then do some more. I will not spell it out, we are all 'men of the world' here. You know what I am talking about. In a perfect world, we would not even need to consider such methods, but if we lived in a perfect world we would not be having this conversation. There is no way to triumph over evil by peaceful means. It is that inescapably simple. When a citizen defends him (or her) self against such people, do the right thing. When you are known to act such, YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE the support you will enjoy. Trust me on this.

    Do not finish out your life years from now, lying on your death bed with nothing left to you, wondering if you ever made a difference. I urge you to look forward to that moment, and ensure for yourself by your actions now, that you will face that moment with strength, and pride, knowing that when the hour was darkest, you dared greatly, and stepped beyond the call of duty, honor, and country, to do what you were born to do, protect others, and those who cannot protect themselves, from those who wish to do them harm, and profit by it.

    Do not discuss this with each other. Every man must act on his own. This way is best, for reasons I need not enumerate to fellow professionals. Gain intelligence unnoticed. Formulate plans and options, then refine them. Write nothing down. And when you can do so from a position of advantage, strike decisively and unseen, then repeat as necessary.

    Good luck, and good hunting!


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