Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Documents reveal RCMP Commissioner colluded with Justin Trudeau after the NS mass shooting

CTV is reporitng that "a document released Tuesday by the Mass Casualty Commission cited notes written by Nova Scotia RCMP Supt. Darren Campbell after a meeting between provincial RCMP commanders and the head of the force."

"In those notes, Campbell details how Commissioner Brenda Lucki expressed disappointment that information on the weapons used by Gabriel Wortman during his 13-hour rampage hadn’t been made public in the days after the shootings. Campbell describes, in his own handwriting, how Lucki explained she had made promises to the federal public safety minister and the Prime Minister’s Office that the information could be tied to the Liberal’s pending gun control legislation. Shortly after the documents were made public by the commission, Lucki released a statement denying the accusations."

There are three main problems that arise. First is the obvious. None of the guns use were legally obtained so this suspicious tragedy has absolutely nothing to do with registered firearms. Legally obtained firearms aren't relevant here. Illegal guns smuggled across the border are.

The second problem is the fact that Justin Trudeau was trying to use this tragedy to gain support for his gun control legislation as soon as it happened. It's as though he had the legislation ready waiting for something like this to happen. That is suspicious.

The third problem is the fact that the $475,000 deposited into Gabe Wortman bank account was deposited there by the RCMP. That is suspicious. Add that to the fact that two police officers riddled a firehall with bullets where civilians were being protected makes for one astounding reality. Every crime has a motive. Yet gun control is the only motive for this heinous crime.


  1. I didn’t realize Canada has the same problem facing America. These communists are doing everything they can to destroy freedom, and if it means they have to kill innocent people in order to enslave the survivors then that’s what they’re gonna do

  2. Yep.
    I remember thinking in disbelief that one week after the mass shooting the Liberals and their govt bureaucrats dumped a detailed, precise 1500 gun list in the lap of the media and said "Look! We're doing something!"

    And no one thought to ask.
    "Have you guys been waiting for a mass murder to drop this list?"

    When was the last time the govt did ANYTHING in a timely fashion?
    Just ask a passport applicant if the govt "gets things done""
    A total pr campaign by a posturing, dilettante.
    One wonders what type of scandal it will take to make this Prime Minister go away.....forever.


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