Monday, March 10, 2014

Person Y Testifies at Surrey Six Trial

Kim Bolan is reporting that Person Y is testifying at the Surrey Six trial. This is big news. We all know who Person Y is but we can't say his name because it's under publication ban. All I'll say is that Person X and Person Y got switched around. Kim Bolan knows who it is. That's why she refers to him as the star witness.

Nobody is calling him a rat because the people involved in the Surrey Six are the rats. Executing two innocent bystanders. That was messed up. That is why this web site was created. Executing four drug dealers because they wouldn't pay the tax Jamie Bacon tried to collect from them for *somone* else. That was messed up. Totally. You can put a cap in my ass for saying that. It's still true. Larry Amero was friends with Jonathon Bacon all along. He just came out of the closet in Kelowna when he was shot with Jonathon Bacon.

It's not brain surgery. If the UN wasn't supplying the Bacon brothers someone else had to be. After the Surrey Six the Red Scorpions started working for the Hells Angels just like the Independent Soldiers did after they killed off all the old leadership who weren't affiliated with the Hells Angels in that group as well.

Selling drugs in cubs is really no one else's business. Giving crack to the homeless for free then beating the life out of them for payment afterwards is really messed up. That's me beef.


  1. Hi Agent K - Rhonda here :) .. I'm almost expecting some sort of trial related violence but I hope not. I meant to remark on the ridiculous notion of Mr. Obama's that the referendum in Crimea is illegal. He is basically saying that people choosing what is best for themselves is wrong. Standard operating procedure for the self appointed "world police" that always seems to know what's best for everyone as long as it serves the agenda of control and tyranny as the bottom line. Their has also been some interesting things come to light over the last week or so regarding who the snipers who shot the protesters were really working for. Sorry for posting an off topic comment on your Surrey Six post ... but it does fall in line with my shared ideal of "stopping the greed and ratting out the real rats" which in this case are the CIA and western central banking interests. One thing that always happens when a war breaks out other than innocent people dying is huge profits for a select few. Whether that be a certain MC solidifying control of drug money through that type of war or a bunch of overstuffed bankers imposing misery on people through funding covert operations and color revolutions with end goal always being more debt ... they are all one in the same. Pedaling death to the masses in the name of more money for themselves. There are so many parallels not the least of which includes acting seemingly without fear of the law. JP Morgan recently bought themselves out of being prosecuted for being complicit in fraud. It is also interesting to note the recent rash of banker suicide in a very short time frame. Perhaps knowing what they've done has finally caught up to some of them and living with the guilt became too much. Perhaps they didn't really commit suicide but were murdered for knowing too much comes too mind as well.

  2. I do think that banking bailouts and fraud are a huge problem that affects our civil liberty. I just think Revolutionary Communism is even worse. We need to find another solution. That's why I support a free republic.

    1. The American republic was free as a result of the revolution that sent the British back to their rock and then it was usurped in 1913 through the creation of the monstrosity that is the privately owned federal reserve. The entire world should be a free republic and the only way to get it back from the bankers and crooked politicians is through a new form of revolution although not a communist one. The :Liberation" of the Ukraine has already included the appropriation of 40 tonnes of gold that is supposed to belong to the people. Guess were they are taking it ? .... The Federal Reserve ! More fraud ... "stop the greed , rat out the real rats" .... :)


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