Saturday, March 15, 2014

Enbridge seeks 40% natural gas price increase

MSN News is reporting that Enbridge Gas Distribution plans to increase the price of natural gas by 40 per cent. Enbridge applied to Ontario regulators for the price increase in the energy rates it charges millions of natural gas customers in the province. The increase needs to be reviewed by the Ontario Energy Board before being implemented on April 1.

Enbridge Enbridge Enbridge. Why is it we keep hearing about Enbridge? Isn't there any other companies that sell gas? Evidently not. That's because we let them obtain a corporate monopoly on the market at the tax payers expense so they can now raise the prices to whatever they want. We have destroyed the free market. If there was a free market with more than one company selling oil, this increase would not happen.

It's on the table because we let the politicians who claimed to be right wing destroy a free market because the corporate monopolies gave them campaign contributions. This is corporate Communism in real life. In New Brunswick the Enbridge monopoly opposed rate cuts for consumers. If there wasn't a monopoly we wouldn't be getting shafted.

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  1. People are in denial about how precariously the economy balanced. Housing is ridiculously priced, debt is at an all time high (personal and govt), food costs have risen, fuel costs keep working higher, etc.

    Yet, wages have only increased 1.5% per annum. When the bubble bursts, and it will, it is only a matter of time - simple logic shows this cannot continue for much longer, we will really be in a world of hurt.


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