Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rock Machine in Vancouver?

The Vancouver Province is reporting that several individuals wearing Rock Machine colours have been spotted in the Lower Mainland and that a RM associate contacted a reporter claiming they have plans to start up a chapter within the year. This is both good and bad news. Good news in that it brings hope for a free market. Please come to Surrey. We rather have RM than the Surrey Girls. Bad in that from what we've seen, the RM are just more drug dealers who like to blow shit up. Steven King crossed over to the RM after leaving the GTS.

This is obviously a new Rock Machine that was resurrected by Sean Brown before they kicked him out. Most of the old leaders crossed over to the Hells Angels when Mom Boucher went to prison. Salvatore Cazzetta, Giovanni, Paul Porter and Sal Brunetti all crossed over in 2000.

Evidently Joseph Strachan from Winnipeg is out in bad standing.

Although some are claiming this story is absolute bullsh*t made up by some kid who called the paper, there is a point in this article I want to emphasize. All the sources in the article admit that the Hells Angles have a monopoly in BC. They aren't talking about a monopoly on riding motorcycles. They are talking about a monopoly on the drug trade.

Julian Sher is quoted as saying If the Rock Machine showed up in Vancouver and drove down Robson Street, they wouldn't make it to Stanley park. Although that's an obvious exaggeration since Robson and Stanley Park are totally tame, his point remains in effect. It is the public opinion that the Hells Angels are so powerful in BC no one else is allowed to wear a patch without their permission. Hitler revisited. That is why I have this website and blog.

I don't have beef with the UN. I hate crack and I don't support the predatory drug dealers out there that give the homeless free crack then beat the life out of them afterwards for payment but dial a dope operations and drugs in clubs is none of my business. That's personal choice. It's the predatory thing I have beef with. Torturing addicts for drug debts. If you didn't front them the drugs there wouldn't be any drug debts.

I also have beef with liars and the Hells Angels are compulsive liars. How do you know Ricky C is lying? His lips are moving. Ask him about the Devil's Butler will ya. I want to know about his involvement in that. The Hells Angels lie and say they don't sell drugs. If any of them get caught the Devil's butler says we don't know them or they were acting on their own not for the club.

The UN don't lie about it. They say yeah we sell drugs. They have even stamped their logo on a brick of cocaine. The Hells Angels lie and say they don't when they do. The problem is, not only do they sell drugs but they say no one else is allowed to sell drugs but them and use extreme violence to obtain a monopoly on the drug trade while they tax and extort everyone in it. That is not a free market. That is my beef. The Hells Angels lying about selling drugs and them claiming no one else is allowed to sell drugs but them. That is why I have this blog and web site.


  1. If they have been seen again, it is most likely by invitation from higher competing authorities!!
    I saw them frequently in Vernon just for introduction before big meets in Kelowna

    HELLS ANGEL told the RCMP, their paid protectors, that they would not permit the presence of the Rock Machine !
    What beautiful statement of relationship!
    A K , there is your answer as to why RCMP will not put an end to drugs being sold at your places of concern, or all street and dial a drug operations!


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