Saturday, August 15, 2020

Back to school amid the COVID Summer of fake news

Thankfully, BC Schools are back to business this September. The fact that they had a trial run in June helped them know what to expect. BC Education Minister Rob Fleming stated that "We can't sacrifice 18 months of education, we have to learn how to do things safely during this pandemic. That's why we've developed and evolved the guidelines to maximize the return to in-class instruction," Premier John Horgan said he understands parents and families are concerned about the circumstances, but added that schools are fundamental in a return to normalcy."

Thankfully someone has a brain. We need to face the fear with the real science not the fake news. This is summer. COVID is losing it's steam. A spike in asymptomatic test results means absolutely nothing. Other than the fact that we are developing antibodies to the virus just like in every other previous pandemic. COVID does not effect kids like it does adults.

If parents are afraid they are free to keep their kids home but they do not have the right to hold other kids back. If you are scared, Surrey Connect, which is now called SAIL Academy, is an excellent online learning program. The Marxist Media is censoring front line doctors because they want to enslave us with fear and deceit.

Derrick Sloan wants to defund the WHO because the WHO does not promote heath, it promotes a bizarre political agenda that none of us should endorse. The media is once again maliciously misrepresenting the COVID numbers. In Australia, the media is flat out lying. Here in Canada the fear and hype is based on nonsense.

The CBC, also known as Communist Buyllsh*t in Canada, is reporting that "The City of Toronto says about 550 people may have been exposed to COVID-19 at a downtown strip club earlier this month." Someone who is asymptomatic tested positive, as did a piece of fruit, and all of a sudden 550 people have been "exposed" to the virus. Do any of them have symptoms? No they do not.

Post Media Trash, the ones that said Chairman Mao did wonderful things, claims Theresa Tam is warning that Coronavirus cases "could" exceed Canada’s health care capacity this fall. That is ridiculous. It is fear based nonsense that has a political agenda. Theresa Tam should be fired along with Justin Idiot, the WE Scam Princess. Some random stranger you meet tomorrow might poke you in the eye. That kind of fear based absurdity has no place in science.

In Italy, the virus is running out of steam. Dr Kelly Victory said that the virus could mutate. Yet often when it does, it becomes less powerful not more powerful. The fear freaks need to stay home and socially distance themselves from rational minds because we don't want anything to do with them. Even Guildford Mall is caving into the fake news.

One shop keeper said that because of the increase in asymptomatic posative test results the mall will close early at 6:00 PM every night. That doesn't make sense. If you are afraid of getting the virus, you will extend hours to spred the people out so they don't have to bunch up shopping at the same time. Superstore is open until 11:00 PM. Follow the science not the fake news.

Journal of General Internal Medicine (2020): "hydroxychloroquine use was associated with decreased in-hospital mortality." International Journal of Infectious Diseases "In this multi-hospital assessment, when controlling for COVID-19 risk factors, treatment with hydroxychloroquine alone and in combination with azithromycin was associated with reduction in COVID-19 associated mortality." Embrace the science not the fake news.

Update, the Fake News Network is reporting that "Ventilator supply starts to increase as Tam warns of possible surge of COVID-19." Ventilators harm COVID patients. Cold water vaporizers help COVID patients. You can buy vitamin C with zinc from Costco. No one can stop you.

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