Friday, December 31, 2021

George Christie releases second memoire

Venom Vixen is reporting that "Author George Christie writes his second memoir from Malaga, Spain. 'There was just so much left to say' as he put it. This book has just as much explosive content as the first, and even more excitement as he recalls stories from his days as president of the (Ventura) Hells Angels." You can order your digital copy online.

Printed copies will be available in the New Year. George Christie's Instagram account states that one of the stories he explains in his new boook was the fatal fight between Big Vinny and Irish. He was asked to help mediate the conflict at the time.
I'm not choosing sides just because Irish was Irish. I'm choosing sides because Big Vinny was a POS. No disrespect for the dead. Much. In 1977 Vincent Girolamo threw his 22 year old girlfriend off the top of the 6 story clubhouse in the Village and killed her. He was killed before he could stand trial from a ruptured spleen he received after being beat up by the Oakland President Michael “Irish” O’Farrell. As I previously said, Irish did him a favor by putting him out of his misery.

Back in Ireland the RA would take care of business. They made sure no one dishonoured the cause by cowardice, inhumanity, or rapine. This is what should have happened to Dusty Swanson when they came back from swarming that father in Greece. Instead. the Edmonton Maggots gave him a patch. Those are the same POS shooting up my crib.

It's nice to see Geoge Christie is still keeping it real.


  1. You are one weird dude, Hells angels sell drugs, you hate them for that, yet this guy is your hero, wake up man

  2. Dennis and I disagree about the HA and other 1%'ers. I would see them all loaded onto the next derelict ship to be sunk offshore as the newest artificial reef. One with it's own food source. Win/win, society, the fish, everyone except "born to lose".....but if they were right, we could say even that.

    IMHO, Dennis longs for the Biker Life with true L&R, before the drugs, before the murders over money......before the Evil. Before about 1968, when all that started to change from what it was before. I totally understand that. Without 1%er's as they are now defined, "organized crime". He is that kind of guy, who wants things to be the way they are supposed to be in this world. So am I. It's one of the reasons we are so intolerant of police corruption. As a cultural hallmark it's probably the reason so many Irish immigrants became cops down south. If you can't put the world right, you can sure put the part of it around you right. Or at least try. An honorable profession when pursued by honorable men.

    I'll tell you why I want them all dead, and could pull the trigger on hundreds if you lined them up for me, and sleep like a baby that night convinced I had done right......I hate a pimp. Just fucking hate them. And the HA are either pimps, or they will tolerate them. I hate a POS who will use drugs to enslave women. In my perfect world, if someone else will not remove such a person from our presence so they can't do more harm, I or someone else with such inclinations should be allowed to do it without penalty. To whore a woman out is to destroy her in ways that are not recoverable. Not truly. It's evil. And evil should be punished. And prevented from harming again. If you are the kind of person who will destroy others, damage others for your own benefit, to whore a woman out and destroy her, I want you dead. It's not more complicated that that. "We do bad things to bad people". Happy New Year.

  3. I've had a similar conversation with a friend locally. First of all I don't long for the biker life. I've made it very clear that I was never a part of that life and never wanted to be. I ride a motorcycle. That's part of my life but the parties, the patch pounders, the drugs, the strippers, the prostitution, none of that is part of my life and I never wanted it to be.

    I like George Christie. He's a good guy. He shared a cell with Bandidos national president George Wegers and became friends with him. He said if the Hells Angels can be friends with rivals in jail, why not outside of jail? That makes sense to me. George Wegers is a good guy too. Old School.

    In a sense you're right because I also respect Ralph Natale, a former mob boss in Philadelphia. Ralph was a don like John Gotti and Vito Rizzuto. I respect the dons without supporting crime because they keep order in the streets and maintain a code that the new kids on the block can't understand. I respect Clay Roueche for the same reason. He's a don.

    Yet I still l don't believe that every member of the Hells Angels sells crack and pimps crack hoes. That depends on the executive of the specific charter. The rest of the members just like the rides, parties and prestige. Unlike the Surrey girl chapter who don't ride motorcycles they drive SUVs and just sell drugs. They are pathetic losers.

  4. Also, right now what our government and the media is currently doing to us is far worse than anything any Hells Angel has ever done to us. That is what we need to be concerned about. We have allies like TBM within the motorcycle community.

  5. "the parties, the patch pounders, the drugs, the strippers, the prostitution, none of that is part of my life and I never wanted it to be."

    I meant without that stuff too. It was understood.

    It doesn't surprise me they got along, same kind of people.

    Sorry, to me organized crime is organized crime. "Less evil"...yeah, some of them have some style, or charisma. It doesn't change what they do, and who to.

    Even so, each is available to help the other for the asking, no refusals I think. So, the same.

    I actually agree. The same shit, writ larger. Treason and sedition against Canada, indeed against humanity given who they consort with. The same penalty.

  6. There's one Hells Angel that stands way above the average HA, who embodies what a real Hells Angel should be, and that person is Donny Peterson from Toronto .....

    1. Sadly, I've never seen any credible HAs come out of Ontario. Until now. Donny Petersen is indeed credible. He is a motorcyclist. He knows his sh*t. I respect that.

    2. Hells Angels Toronto boss Donny Petersen reportedly dead at 74

      December 13, 2021

      The president of the Toronto chapter of the notorious Hells Angels Motorcycle Club has died, according to online reports.

      Donny Petersen, 74, was a longtime presence in the world of Big Smoke outlaw motorcycle clubs and had previously been a member of Para-Dice Riders, which patched over to the Angels in 1999.

      Petersen was born in Toronto and attended North Toronto Collegiate Institute and later studied Town Planning at York University, according to one online obituary.

      John Michael Hangman Dykeman, a member of Bottles For Brothers, mourned on his Facebook page: “With Deepest Sorrow I have to inform the group that Donny Petersen has passed away today we here send our thoughts and prayers to Donny’s family and all the Downtown Toronto club and all the red and white chapters on the loss of such a great man. Thru his books and meeting him, he taught me a lot. He will be missed GBNF.”

      After university, Petersen wrote books and operated Heavy Duty Cycles in the city’s east end. Petersen was a technical journalist for Harley-Davidson Twin Cam and Shovelhead motorcycles. He also won the International Book Awards in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

      The former president of the Para-Dice Riders, Peterson went by the name “Sleaze” for many years. He was part of a new breed of outlaw bikers who tried to clean up their act, insisting he didn’t smoke or drink.

      According to Jerry Langton’s book, Fallen Angel, Petersen claimed he was once a social worker but didn’t name the organization. Petersen even helped set up a Harley riders group in Cuba — at the behest of the Canadian government.

      “He used to be one of the most badass bikers in Ontario,” one former OPP officer told Langton. “He just remade himself and revised his personal history.”

    3. I noticed he recently passed away over at TBM but I didn't know of him as I'm on the West Coast. Jerry Langton is a credible source. I noticed that he opened a MC in Cuba for the Canadian government. I'm sure there are more interesting details about that to be heard. I guess my point is that he was a genuine motorcyclist. Ontario got into trouble when they patched over a bunch of idiots who didn't know how to ride, they just sold drugs. Perhaps the fact that Donny was genuine is why the Quebec Charter left him alone when they got out of prison.

    4. You can flip thru Donny Petersens facebook photo album ...

      ... from the pictures, you can quickly see he wasn't your average HA ... and that he loved life, motorcycles, and brotherhood

    5. Indeed. He even liked to box. I salute him.


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