Tuesday, December 14, 2021

227 B.C. chiropractors threaten to sue regulatory college if vaccines ordered

Update: This is a link to the video of the Doctors on Tour presentation in Kelowna

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "A letter from 227 B.C. chiropractors threatens to sue the 17 board members of the College of Chiropractors of B.C. if they back a provincial order for chiropractors to get COVID-19 jabs. Chiropractors are not among the health-care workers in B.C. who fall under a vaccination order, but it is expected they will be in the future."

More educated professionals objecting to mandatory vaccination for Covid.

Post Media Trash is rpeorting that "British Columbia’s chiropractors have found themselves at the centre of the debate over vaccine mandates, following an eyebrow-raising vote earlier this week. At Wednesday’s annual general meeting of the B.C. College of Chiropractors, the body that regulates and licences the profession, a resolution opposing provincial vaccine mandates won the support of 78 per cent of delegates."

"The non-binding resolution, submitted by Kelowna chiropractor Mark Foullong, called on the college to take a stand to protect the right to medical freedom of choice and “maintain the right to choose medical privacy … free of coercion, manipulation of mandates.”

The Communist Brodcasting Network is reporting that "The day after a majority of chiropractors attending a meeting of their regulator voted to oppose a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, B.C.'s health minister told an industry representative he was starting to doubt the wisdom of self-regulation, CBC has learned."

"Minister Dix indicated it was an embarrassment that a health profession would in such resounding numbers … support such unfounded and false claims while people are dying from COVID-19," she said. Go f*ck yourself. They were caught falsifying the death rates. Adrian Dix is as far left as the go. He's on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall. Everyone in the party knows that.
Last night the Doctors on Tour gave a presentation before a packed house in Kelowna. The way Castanet misrepresented the event explains why they have stalkers confronting them after work.
These are medical doctors. Adrian Dix is not a doctor. He is a professed Socialist. The doctors of death performing organ transplants from live donors are unethical. The number of medical coalitions posting websites to counter the false Covid information the media is bombarding us with is staggering. The Hart Group - Canada Health Alliance - Canadian Covid Care Alliance - Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance - America's Frontline Doctors.

As Martin Luther King declared "No lie can live forever."


  1. Trudeau getting ready to play the "Covid Boogeyman" to scare the phuck out of gullible sheep over the Christmas holidays .....


  2. Dr. Nagase ... who is suing BC Health Officials ... provides some insight into the new reports of vaccine injury from the Pfizer shot .....


    1. Lots of educated health care professionals speaking up.

  3. If the stats from this article about Ontario Vaccine failire rates are true - then God help the Vaccinated, because they are going to need it .....


    1. Global admitted that a cruise ship that had an Omicron outbreak was among 98% vaccinated. It doesn't matter because Omicron is weaker. You get it, you get over it and life goes on. Just like we did before.


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