Thursday, December 30, 2021

Riding a motorcycle in the snow

I hesitate posting this because the last time I posted a picture of me riding my motorcycle in the snow someone sent it to the cops trying to get me in trouble. This isn't my first rodeo. I used to ride full seasons when I was 20. I have rope on my tires that act like homemade chains. I don't go fast but I'm like a little bulldozer in the snow. I don't do wheelies, ride recklessly or do stunts but I do ride in the snow. That's my thing. When I was young I was a bit more fearless. I'd grasp on tight with my hands and use my legs for kicking myself up if I start to go down. Now that I'm old I put rope on the ties. Then I feather the throttle and clutch skillfully. It's a lot more controlled now.

When I get to work a coworker comes up to me with her phone and says hey, is this you? I laugh and say yeah, who else would it be? Turns out the driver of a snow plow filmed me on his phone and sent it to her. She was like, hey I know that guy. Then another coworker said I filmed you on the way in today too and sent it to me. I brought a camera with me but it wasn't safe to use.

This morning the snow on the side streets was very deep. It was very difficult to ride on. It was much easier after the snow plows had gone past. When I went down the hill on 96th Avenue there was a line up of cars stuck going up the hill coming from the other direction. When I started to go up the hill on the other side, the road had been plowed and I made it up no problem. Peace.


  1. OMG, that is funny! Thank you for sharing the video. I remember seeing some one do this over 40 years ago. Nice to know I lived long enough to see some one do it again, even if it is a video.

    In a way it makes sense, if you're a good rider. Its easier to get a motorcycle "unstuck" than a car. You can get out of traffic jams, if necessary. It you're careful and a good rider, which you seem to be, there is nothing wrong with this. Enjoy the ride in the snow.

  2. There is a youtube channel called C90 adventures that shows a fellow from England riding his C90 all around the world. He and his girlfriend rode C90's across Canada during the dead of winter if you can believe it. Hard to believe someone riding a motorcycle across the prairies at -30C but they did.

    1. That's what I keep saying. I could never ride full seasons in Eastern Canada. Vancouver is pretty easy but right now this freezing rain is horrible. I found the cold dry snow much easier to ride in. They do have a modified dirt bike with a ski on the front and a belt on the back that climbs mountains of now like a snowmobile in the alpine. It's pretty wild to see:

    2. I just saw a news article about them That's pretty hard core:


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