Thursday, December 2, 2021

The Tiger Dam in Abbotsford went across the 401 freeway

We all heard that they built a dam in Abbotsford to prevent flood water from going onto the 401 freeway and we were like good on them. At first, I thought damming the Sumas river is a bit problematic because that would create another lake but at least then you could control the flow of water. However, that's not what they did. Today Global showed video footage of them dismantling the temporary dam. The dam they built went right across the freeway it was supposed to protect. The dam was blocking traffic. This level of stupidity is one for the history books.

The problem was the dike and the pump. The dike broke because it was .6 meters below design and the pump couldn't keep up with the extra water. Instead of shoring up the dike and adding another pump, they completely blocked the 401 freeway. I can't make this sh*t up.
Sumas Lake film from early 2021 asks: What happens if Barrowtown pumps in Abbotsford fail?

All they needed to do is put a second pump at the Barrowtown pump station. They still need to do that. Failure to install a second pump and shore up the dike is criminal negligence. When you sandbag or shore up a river you shore up both sides of the river not one. This Tiger Dam was simply a theatrical production. Once again we see that the NDP is NFG.

One could say that it would have been easy to "miss" the report that said the Abbotsford dike was too low. One could even say that it would have been easy to miss the fact that the Americans removed a diversion dam in the Nooksack river July 20 2020. However, we now know and to not do anything about it would be insane. We now know the US diversion dam has been removed. That means more water is coming down the Nooksack river than before. We have to deal with that. A second pump to pump the excess water into the Fraser river and a higher dike is crucial.



  1. I suspect the UN consultant the NDP brought in to help the NDP run the BC govt. will probably want as much damage as possible ... one of the goals of the Climate Change Doom Cult is to get everyone living in tiny little geographic bubbles in an effort to reduce CO2/climate change ... so more suffering (by design) is in the cards for Canadian residents ... meanwhile, the biggest polluters on the planet; China and India will be allowed pollute as much as they want.

    1. Indeed. I do think Justin Trudeau's pledge to take away our gas cars and motorcycles to save the planet while China's industrial coal billows is somewhat absurd.


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