Monday, December 20, 2021

The Comedy of Errors Continues

I am so glad I cut cable. I was in the lunchroom at work today and Global Fake News came on. I like to have a peek at Global News during my break at work because it is so absolutely ridiculous I enjoy the comic relief. Today was hilarious. It was all Omicron this, Omicron that.

Then they showed a clip from Dr Fauci because no one in the US watches the clown any more. He's just an idiot with bad personal hygiene. He finally admits that Omicron is weaker than Covid and Delta. The real scientists have been saying that all along. When a virus replecates itself it gets weaker not stronger. Thankfully so is the fake news.

They were announcing new restrictions. When they said karaoke was banned everyone started to laugh. The same group that said Omicron sounded like a Transformer. These are vaccinated people who hate Trump. They're starting to laugh at how ridiculous this has become.

Bonnie Henry does not come across as an intelligent person. She comes across like someone on lithium because they suffer from chronic depression. She's an idiot. I can say who's the bigger fool? The fool or the fool that listens to the fool but the fake news has milked this scam for so long even the germ freaks have had enough. 2021 - the year of fake news. Good riddance.


  1. The incompetent people running Govt. guzzle the toxic Covid narrative because the alternative is going back to the days immediately preceding covid where the protesters globally had incompetent and/or corrupt govt's around the world nearly paralyzed .....

    ..... you see, Covid is the ultimate crowd control device for incompetent and/or corrupt rulers ... even better than using the "Terrorist" Boogeyman card.

    1. Sadly ANTIFA and the Covid narative go hand in hand. Their end game is the same.

  2. ANTIFA, BLM, and the fake Environmental Groups are essentially "Puppet Clubs" of the Globalist Shot-Callers ..... who organized and paid for the pallets bricks to conveniently show up the night before some of the big ANTIFA/BLM protests? - it wasn't the starving students there for a legitimate protest.


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