Sunday, December 26, 2021

Drug addiction is a disease that requires treatment

Last month is was revealed that BC had the highest drug overdose rate ever. That is what science declares is empirical evidence that what we are doing is not working. Yet the leftists still want more. They want more harm done as if the harm we are currently doing wasn't enough.

Now leftists are running paid commercials on TV declaring that my son has a disease. It's drug addiction. Until we remove the stigma associated with that disease, he will never get the help he needs. That is simply not true. Satan will tell us nine truths to get us hooked on one lie. Right now we are consistently being told many lies and finally we can clearly see where those lies lead.

The Guardian ran an article stating that the addiction is a disease campaign removes hope and fails to get addicts the help they need. Look where this logic leads. Pedophilia is a disease not a choice. We need to legalize pedophiliac. Not. Rape is not a choice, we need to legalize rape. Not. Crime is not a choice. We need to legalize crime. As crazy as that sounds the next post will show that is exactly where that road takes us.

Drug addiction is a disease that requires treatment. Cancer is a disease that requires treatment. If left untreated cancer will kill you just like drug addiction will. Stigma has nothing to do with it. The reason they want to remove stigma is so they can hand out free drugs not so they can get treatment. The leftists don't want treatment because they don't want addicts to recover.

The reason BC had the highest overdose rate ever is because they abandoned the Four Pillars Program and in so doing turning harm reduction into harm promotion. Prevention is one of the Four Pillars. We would go into schools and tell kids that drugs are bad for you and educate them on the science about the harmful effects of drugs.

The leftists refuse to do that. They are science deniers. Instead of telling kids drugs are harmful they want to tell kids drugs are safe and teach them safe ways to do drugs. There is no safe way to put poison into your body. This helps organized crime. It promotes slavery and addiction. Drugs are harmful. It's OK to say that. It's not OK to deny that. It does more harm than good.


  1. Kelowna needs help

    1. Drug treatment is very important. It's one of the crucial four pillars. Unfortunately, a lot of treatment centres in BC have become flop houses to use drugs. If we can't stop drug dealers from selling drugs in treatment centres then we are useless.


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