Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The Omicron Con - Decepticons at work

Update: The Hart Group posted a relevant article on Omnicron. "While one expects viruses to ‘mutate down’ due to natural evolutionary pressure, thus making them less deadly, it is sensible to monitor their progress and plan accordingly. But Dr Angelique Coetzee, chair of the South African Medical Association, who was one of the first doctors to observe patients with this strain of Covid-19, has described Omicron’s symptoms as “extremely mild”. Professor Angus Dalgleish has pointed out that 'the early signs are distinctly encouraging. Many patients have reportedly recovered quickly from what have been very mild symptoms'."

Here's a question for you. How can the PCR test tell the difference between Covid, Omicron and the Delta Variant when it can't tell the difference between Covid and the Cold or Flu?
The PCR test is worthless. Why are we still using it? That's part of the problem. One of the girls at work said the name of this new Omicron variant sounds like a Transformer. She's absolutely right. Only it's not a Autobot it's a Decepticon. It's another ridiculous deception that has gone on for far too long. When viruses replicate themselves they get weaker not stronger. They said the Delta variant would be worse and it wasn't. They lied. Again. Get over it and move on.

Is There a Link Between COVID Vaccines and Shingles?

lol The mainstream media is reporting that "There have been multiple cases of individuals experiencing shingles—a painful skin rash caused by the same varicella-zoster virus responsible for chicken pox—after receiving COVID-19 vaccines. But UBC pharmaceutical sciences professor Dr. Fawziah Lalji warns there is no conclusive evidence that COVID vaccines causes shingles."

"In fact, she notes that experiencing shingles after a vaccination has been documented following inactivated vaccines ranging from the flu shot to rabies and yellow fever." Oh that's OK then : )

Maxime Bernier and Mark Doland both said they're not concerned about Omicron, they're concerned about cancer as am I. All these billions of dollars we keep giving the pharmaceutical companies for a vaccine that doesn't work could be spent on cancer research and treatment. It could go towards children's hospitals.

Bill Gates is stealing money from sick children to make himself more rich at the taxpayer's expense. All those billions of dollars on bogus boosters could go to the poor. Once again Communists like Bill Gates are stealing money from the poor to line his own pocket.

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