Thursday, December 9, 2021

Agent 22 revealed the Hells Angels plan for Surrey

I have a long weekend ahead of me and I’m feeling like a bat outta Hell so I'm going to take another walk down memory lane and recount the facts sitting on the table in plain view for the world to see. It brings us back to Agent 22’s visit to Surrey around 2009.

Agent 22 was a member of the Zig Zag Crew in Winnipeg who became a police agent. He caught Famous Amos, another Zig Zag Crew member, cooking crack cocaine on video for the Hells Angels. The Zig Zag crew was a puppet club for the Hells Angels that sold their drugs and paid the Hells Angels for protection from rival drug dealers.

The Hells Angels use puppet clubs to create plausible deniability. When they get caught they say it wasn’t us, it was them. Then they just create another puppet club. Sean Wolfe and Dale Donavan from the Winnipeg Hells Angels were convicted as were Shane Kirton and Anthony McLennan. They were the ones collecting the tax from the Zig Zag Crew out of their drug sales.

Dale was the Winnipeg Hells Angels president. Ernie Dew, the president before him and Dale Sweeney, the president after him have also been convicted of drug trafficking. That is their MO in Winnipeg. Winnipeg still has a gang problem and the Hells Angels are still at the root of it. They blame it on the new puppet clubs but those clubs work for them. Just like the Brother’s Keepers work for the Edmonton Hells Angels in Surrey. Too bad ALERT couldn’t do something about that.

Agent 22 started working as a police agent in November 2008. Most of the arrests took place in December 2009. That’s when Eric Sandberg of Surrey was arrested along with the rest.

During the investigation, Agent 22 came to Vancovuer and met with two Hells Angels associates in a restaurant. One of them was Eric Sandberg. Eric told Agent 22 he could get him any gun he wanted and that they were ready to wipe out all the competition in Surrey. Let’s reflect on that.

The Hells Angels presence in Surrey was nothing new. They had been running the drugs out of the Dell, the Byrd and Pancho Lefties for years. The Dell was the official address for the Hells Angels stripper agency in BC. It’s still being done out of Shakerz through Randy Jones. A leopard doesn’t change its spots. They just change directions. The police know and they don’t care.
Robert Picton was arrested in 2002. A retired nurse who worked in the DTES reported that one of the women she worked with “went to a well-known Hells Angels spot located on the King George Highway, just before it enters Surrey: a rental house they called the House of Pain.” From there they were bussed over to the Pickton Farm for a biker party with free booze and free drugs.

The House of Pain referred to was known locally as the Surrey House of Horrors. Everyone from Surrey knew it was run by the Hells Angels. Blaze recently lied and said it was run by the UN. Piggy's Palace was run by the Hells Angels though Tony Terezakis who was executed Dec 2020.

The Hells Angels had already taken over a big chunk of the drug trafficking in Surrey after the Surrey Six murder in October 2007. Yet in 2009 they told Agent 22 they were ready to wipe out all the competition in Surrey. The rest of it. September 2013 the police found a bag of guns in Surrey that was tied to the Hells Angels.

Red Scorpions, Wolf Pack, Independent Soldiers, Redd Alert, Brother's Keepers and the Driftwood Crips all worked for the Hells Angels just like the Zig Zag Crew. It all falls under plausible deniability yet we all know where the taxes go. Surrey is just like Winnipeg. Here, the Hells Angels are the root of all the gang violence and the CFSEU is completely compromised.


  1. Longtime reader, love your blog Dennis. I’ve read before here that the Edmonton hells angels hired the bk for surrey, why? Why wouldn’t a chapter from bc have hired them for surrey, or the surrey chapter, if there is one

    1. I'll tell you why Donnie. The Hells Angels frequently change up the direction of distribution to throw the police off. Also, different chapters are given different jurisdictions. Your idol Kim Bolan reported that "For more than a dozen years, Hope resident Richard Houle grew cannabis illegally for Edmonton Hells Angel Neil Cantrill."

    2. The Edmonton Hells Angels ran Redd Alert which is the Native gang the Hells Angels used to take back all the drug dealers in the DTES from the UN. Someone posted the Redd Alert bible online which confirms their connection to the Edmonton Hells Angels:

    3. After Redd Alert took back all the drug dealers in the DTES from the UN for the Hells Angels, Edmonton was given Surrey and the Wolf Pack was given the DTES when Panchos closed down. They killed Glen Nelson's wife and supplied the RA Killas to cement the deal:

    4. Ali from the Hardside chapter in Surrey was the Hells Angels connection to the Brothers Keepers. Since he did all the work, he wanted some of the drug profits. The Edmonton chapter said no and killed him. Hardside was given Fort Langley. After they killed Ali, the Edmonton chapter hired the Driftwood Crips to bring even more violence to Surrey:


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