Saturday, December 23, 2023

Brampton home of ex-Liberal MP site of recent shooting

March 2023 CBC reported that "Former Liberal MP Raj Grewal was found not guilty on breach of trust charges Friday after an Ottawa judge ruled there wasn't enough evidence to prove he used his political office to solicit loans from supporters to cover large gambling debts."

Meanwhile back on the ranch the Toronto Star is reporting that Raj Grewal's home was the site of a recent shooting. "Grewal was elected MP for Brampton East in 2015. He later admitted to a gambling problem that had led to significant personal debts and chose not to run again in the 2019 election." Things that make ya go hmmm....

6ixaktv posted a funny video of a Sikh business owner defending himself against an arrogant thief. That was not excessive force that was reasonable force. The vast majority of Sikhs are hard working law biding citizens who contribute to the community. The Sikh community is an important part of Surrey. It's not just a big part, it's a good part.

We all know about Vaisakhi, Diwali and the Sikh blood drives. Those are all good things. The Sikh Temple on 152nd street at 68th Avenue has kept it's Diwali lights up over Christmas. It looks really nice. When I covered the Khalistan referendum in Surrey I interviewed a Sikh who supported the Convoy and paid Pat King's bail. Now he's fund raising for the rest of his legal fees.

A lot of truckers in Canada are Sikhs. Where I work the majority of them are. A lot of Sikhs supported the Convoy. I saw white guys with their kids taking pictures with Sikh families and their kids at the Truck border crossing protest in Surrey supporting the Convoy in Ottawa.

Yet Raj Grewal was a Liberal tied to Justin Trudeau who bitterly opposed the Convoy. We supported the Convoy in Ottawa for the same reason we supported the farmers in India. We share the same concerns. What they're doing to the farmers in India is the same thing they're doing to the farmers in Holland and to the farmers here in Canada.

Farming is green. Plants and trees need fertilizer to grow. Banning fertilizer and cutting back farming has nothing to do with protecting the environment. It's part of the WEF agenda to create mass starvation. We can all see that.

So here's the deal. Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh both offered lip service support for the farmers in India but they both crushed the Convoy protest in Ottawa and they both oppose farmers in Canada. They are both connected to the WEF and they both support the fake environmentalism that pushes fertilizer bans and reduction in farming. So basically they say one thing and do another.

Justin Trudeau is a prostitute. He will pimp any cause that might get him votes, then he will betray that cause at the first opportunity. Justin Trudeau is a fake feminist, a fake environmentalist and a fake advocate for aboriginal rights. He is not a man of his word. We have all seen that.

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