Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Inside Vancouver's failed drug policy

Portland Officials Propose To Re-Ban Public Drug Use Portland is another liberal sh*t hole.

People are scared as gang activity fuels Portland violence

Portland crime is killing their economy

Permanent drug inhalation site opens in downtown Victoria

That is straight up Satanic. Vancouver's failed drug policy is spreading like a cancer to other communities. The Hells Angels aren't the problem. Justin Trudeau and David Eby are.


  1. Hows that working for ya Lisa Lapointe? Baaaybye, don’t let the door hit ya on the way out. Total failure!
    I read lots articles & viewed many photos on this crap, but seeing this video is a reality check. Good job guys. Our beautiful city depicted as a 3rd world status. Sad. Very sad. I have no clue the solution but clearly whats on the table now isn’t working. HELLO. I do not engage with drug addicts. I don’t care if they OD and I’m not into playing hero with narcan. The drug addicted don’t think twice about stealing from me so I don’t feel obligated, certainly not responsible for their chosen lifestyle. Theres lots of services out there for them, most are simply not interested in bettering themselves. Don’t expect me to do that for you.

  2. This video needs to be seen by every Canadian and every tourist thinking of visiting Vancouver.
    This is not a serious country anymore.
    What a fkn disgrace.
    People's lives being wasted, our tax dollars being wasted and we all just turn a blind eye. The lower mainland has the most shallow, feckless and docile citizens in this country, possibly the world.
    As bad as these drug addicts are we are their equal in terms of allowing this bs to continue for decades.
    NIMBY will be coming to your backyard soon enough.
    Absolutely fkn PATHETIC.

  3. Why would we want the government running our lives?

    1. We don't but this policy is mentally insane.

    2. I can think of a billion other places on the planet where government supplied drugs aren't available and this problem doesn't exist.
      Government running your life?
      Get your ass out of your head.
      Your government is perpetuating this problem Mr.FreedomFighter.

    3. Exactly, the government got us into this situation and we shouldn't try to use it to get us out.

    4. ? We need to change the bad policies and the politicians that implemented them.

    5. The current policies have to be thrown out, a mass mental health institution reopened, police arresting dealers and users being ordered to full spectrum rehabilitation including incarceration at rehabilitation centres.

      Real mandatory sentences need to be imposed on the dealers and immediate deportation of any non citizen dealers.

      This soft westcoast liberal approach is a fkn disaster.
      Government supplied drugs is the most asinine approach ever implemented.
      Amsterdam this Amsterdam that...this isn't Amsterdam Alice, but it is a social disaster of epic proportions.

    6. There's no politicians willing to do what's needed sadly. The only force for change is the people themselves saying they've had enough and refusing to be doormats.

  4. Side story/fun fact. one lady from the west end came into a seven eleven with a homeless person and bought him some food and drinks and got mad at everyone for not helping him or taking care of him. if thats how you feel why dont you let him stay in your apartment you d*** tw*t. buying him food isn't going to help. it just helps him in that moment.

  5. Typical ndp policys, they has failed in multiple areas of BC. I moved here in 2012 when things were a lot different. I love BC but I have questioned the politics here for many years and may have to move back to Alberta, unless things change. The fact that stupid Vancouver government ships the homeless out to other jurisdictions tells me they are trying to destroy all of bc. The fact that dirty money controls all the real estate in the mainland making it so unaffordable that it increases the homeless rates also tell me the and government is so corrupt that fixing the situation seams hopeless. Canada in general under JT the blackface crimeminister control has become a over priced shit hole and Costa Rica is looking very inviting.


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