Monday, December 18, 2023

Canada Reports 300% Increase in ‘Unspecified Causes’ of Death

SHTF.TV is reporting that "A new Canadian government report reveals a 300% rise in “unspecified causes” of death from 2019-2022 as unknown causes climbed to the fifth leading cause of death in Canada. Some health experts said the stark increase should trigger an investigation into whether the deaths are linked to COVID-19 vaccines."

Excess mortality in England post Covid-19 pandemic

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  1. I attend 2 different recreation facilities 1 in Burnaby the other East Van. They are now both running their hot tub temps warm and not hot?
    I mentioned this to a friend, so he went and checked his facility in the suburbs and it was the same scenario.
    Could it be these regular hot tub temps were extenuating cardiovascular and heart damage brought on by the vaccines? Are they being mandated to operate them at lower running temperatures?
    It just seems odd that hot tubs are no longer hot?

    1. I haven't been at the one in Surrey for a while. Maybe they're just trying to save money. You do have a point about high temperatures for extended periods being hard on the heart for those who have developed myocarditis post vaccine.

  2. Lowering operating temps of 1 jacuzzi at public facility would be a miniscule savings.


    Hopefully this will be a step in the right direction to shed some light on this situation for those still not getting it.

  4. Replies
    1. No, Rna warfare. During the pandemic the overall death rates did not increase. They were falsify Covid deaths all over the place. All cause mortality didn't skyrocket until after the Rna Covid vaccine roll out which just happened to coincide with Bill Gates and the WEF's depopulation agenda.


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