Friday, December 8, 2023

Ibrahim Ali found guilty of murder

Rebel News is reporting that "Justice has finally been served for the family of (a 13 year old) Burnaby, B.C. girl found dead following a gruesome sexual assault. On December 8, the jury, who began their deliberations Thursday evening, unanimously agreed that Ibrahim Ali attacked then sexually assaulted the child on October 17th, 2017. They found him guilty of first-degree murder."

Man charged in killing of 13-year-old Burnaby girl found guilty of 1st-degree murder

Ibrahim Ali's brutal rape and Dr Tracy Pickett's suspicious suicide


  1. When exactly do judges execute their roles in keeping order in the court?

    Where are the boundaries that should be enforced when lawyers cross those moral, ethical and respectful lines?

    “Victim blaming” is despicable and even more disgusting to put it on a 13-year-old who was murdered.

    These disgusting defences by criminal lawyers should be ruled out by the judges overseeing the proceedings. Reading this defence makes me sick. Can you imagine the parents sitting in court listening to this about their 13-year-old murdered daughter?

    Where is the decency and respect? Come on justice system. It’s time clean up your proceedings

    1. I think the jury was able to see thorough that insanely offensive defense.


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