Sunday, December 3, 2023

Israel drives even further south to wipe Gaza off the map

Update: Israel is carpet bombing all of Gaza. That's genocide.

The Times of Israel is admitting that "IDF carries out Gaza strikes, tells residents of some areas of Khan Younis to evacuate." This is after Benny Yahoo demanded civilians in the city of Gaza abandon their homes and move south without food, water or electricity.

The only problem is that the IDF is bombing Rafah too. They send civilians to safe zones then bomb the safe zones. We can all see what's really happening here. People being forced to move to Rafah from Khan Younis and the IDF starts bombing Rafah. Last month the IDF did the same thing. They told civilians to leave through the Rafah crossing then they stated bombing Rafah.
Israel is wiping Gaza off the map to steal their natural gas and build their canal. The hostage swap was a circus side show. If they didn't let them take hostages, there wouldn't be any.

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