Friday, December 4, 2009

Doug Vanalstine

Doug Vanalstine was also arrested in the latest under cover police sting targeting rival gangs. He was seen with Clay Roueche in Vietnam and he was in that famous family photo of the UN:

He was charged with Clay in the U.S. and is waiting extradition there as well as facing the new trial here. Likely the local police will be thrilled to extradite him to somewhere the courts aren't such a joke.

I misread the article in the Sun about him shooting someone in the foot over loud music. I had it backwards. I thought the victim was the guy in the truck that refused to turn down the loud music. At first I thought at least he showed restraint and put one in his leg.

Turns out that Vanalstine was the one in the truck that was playing loud music. Don't you just hate those hillbillies in pick up trucks that blast loud music? Turns out someone asked Vanalstine to turn down the music and Vanalstine pulls out a gun and shoots him. That's pretty cheap. He's a bit old to be an obnoxious punk.

I guess it's just my nature when i see a conflict to find out who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. Turns out in some cases both guys are bad. There is nothing noble about selling crack or selling date rape drug. Both sides do that. The UN have a nice motto but it's hollow.

I remember speaking with a cop at Whalley and the cop excused himself, went to talk to a few kids then returned to the conversation. He apologized for the interruption and said those kids were with the UN and he just wanted to make sure they knew they weren't welcome here and had to move on.

I was somewhat shocked because I saw the Hells Angels enforcing for the crack dealers there only a few weeks prior. I was also shocked because they looked like your average Surrey kids. They didn't look like notorious gangsters at all.

You have to admire groups that stand apart from the Hells Angels and not bow down to become puppet clubs but if they're doing the same thing, they're really no better. The Osoyoos story is a good example of why we need to clamp down on criminal organizations.

Any 12 year old kid can pull a trigger. Guns empower the small and weak. Swarming empowers the small and weak. So do gangs. When the gangs start intimidating the police so they don't prosecute them to protect the public then we need to call in the Gang Squad to deal with them so law and order prevails.

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