Monday, December 21, 2009

The DEA vs the CIA

The documented evidence of the CIA's involvement in trading drugs for guns makes one wonder about the logical extreme involving the DEA. On one hand we have an under cover organization zealously trying to stop illegal drugs in the U.S. while on the other hand we have another secret organization that is doing the opposite.

Some claim that since the DEA and the laws in the U.S. are so harsh against illegal drugs there's no way the CIA could be involved with it. Others declare that the CIA let the DEA be so hard on illegal drugs simply to illuminate their competition in the market. Most declare the whole mess a conspiracy.

Gary Webb threw the gauntlet down when he published his series of articles and book called the Dark Alliance:

Yet the Kerry Committee documented the allegations in a congressional hearing long before Gary Web's book:

Bob Perry had reported it previously at the time. After Gary Webb's articles were published there was a public outcry and the director of the CIA held a public meeting to appease the public in LA. At this public meeting former LAPD officer Mike Ruppert spoke out and said he was aware the Agency had been selling drugs in LA for years and had been trying to get that information out to the public.

Later DEA Agent Celerino Castillo also confirmed that drugs were being traded for arms out of El Salvador using U.S. military planes. He said it was so prevalent it had to be known. When he complained about it he claims he was told the DEA's hands were tied because it was an under cover CIA Operation:

Judge Robert Warner was a former Administrator for the DEA who went on 60 Minutes to complain about the CIA importing a ton of cocaine into Florida:

Judge Warner talked about the frustrations the DEA face when dealing with CIA under cover operations. Personally I believe the CIA is corrupt. I believe it always has been:

The problem is that the CIA has too much power with too little accountability. That is a recipe for disaster. They are mandated to use deadly force to protect State Secrets. That spells totalitarian government. It is a violation of the U.S. Constitution which I believe to be an inspired document and the Judaical scale to measure all other laws.

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