Monday, April 24, 2017

The 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea - Update

As the world prepares for the 2018 Winter Olympics to he hosted in South Korea, we need two raging lunatics to sit down and shut up. The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver was a wonderful time for us. It brought us all together as we hosted the world in a very posative event.

Everyone knows that Kim Jong-un is a raging lunatic. He has no respect internationally because he keeps threatening to launch nuclear missiles when he can't even feed his own people. The Interview with Seth Rogen actually humanized Kim Jong-un and made him likeable. It was actually pretty funny. Donald Trump is another raging lunatic that has no respect internationally.

Recently, South Korea had some political unrest of it's own. Mass protests against political corruption saw the current president resign. I can tell you those protests would not have had such a happy ending in North Korea. If the people protested in like manner in North Korea, the government would have pulled a Tiananmen Square and shot them with live ammunition. Right now South Korea needs to focus on stabilizing their own government and preparing for the 2018 Winter Olympics. North Korea needs to be more concerned with feeding their own people then with blowing up everyone else and Donald Trump needs to keep his big mouth shut. We don't need another Gulf of Tonkin incident creating more hostilities unnecessarily at a time when we should be pulling together and shunning extremism from either lunatic. Peace - J'imagine.

I sent my own son to South Korea not to wage war but to play music because I believe playing music together is far more productive than shooting each other. Like a waving flag yo.

Update: The New York Times is reporting that "The antimissile system that the United States deployed in South Korea over China’s objections is close to becoming operational, giving the two allies the capability to defend against missile attacks by the North, the South’s Defense Ministry said on Thursday." This is the most logical solution yet.

Why in God's name would China have any objections to that whatsoever? South Korea needs a missile defense system like Israel's Iron Dome. So does Japan and so does Canada. That is the most peaceful solution to living next to crazed lunatics known to man. If North Korea launches a nuclear missile we have to be able to shoot it down. That's a no brainer.

The only reason Communist China would object to a missile defense system is because they are the ones supplying North Korea with nuclear missiles. This is why Canada must end its campaign to sell Communist China Canadian nuclear reactors. In doing so Canada becomes culpable for China giving North Korea nuclear missiles. SNC-Lavalin got the contract for CANDU reactors in China. I kid you not. That is a crime against humanity. No CANDU.

The only reason that crazed lunatic hasn't blown anyone up with a nuclear missile yet is because his technology sucks. This is why Canada must cease and desist selling Communist China nuclear reactors. That gives them the technology and materials to produce nuclear missiles. Once Canada stops selling China nuclear reactors and once the new Iron Dome is in place, we can relax and have a nice Olympics while we watch the brain dead lunatic's miserable attempts to blow up the rest of the world like 5:00 o'clock Charlie on MASH.

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  1. The lunatic in North Korea is not going to shut up as long as he is alive. He will continue to launch whatever he has when he can because he can. Unless Communist China becomes concerned he will launch something at them, they won't do much of anything. when he is keeping the other lunatic occupied it works for China.

    As to the lunatic in the U.S.A., White House, he won't be shutting up either although he doesn't speak in complete sentences. he thinks he is important and the world needs to hear from him. Its quite funny, they printed what he said on several occasions and he simply doesn't speak in complete sentences. Stephen Corbett's show last night did a parody on it. Its was hysterically funny.

    North Korea doesn't have anything which will hit the American mainland, but Hawaii perhaps, but then Jeff Sessions just seems to think that is some island in the pacific. Now if we could just put these two lunatics in a room together............the world might be a better place. They may find they have more incommon than they know.


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