Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Prescription heroin will destroy public healthcare

More lunatics are calling out for prescription heroin again. The paper cited one doctor of death as saying we need to think outside the box when it comes to the fentanyl crisis. No we don't. We simply need to give our head a shake. Not arresting the drug dealers who are selling fentanyl is not only insane, it is criminal culpability.

When I make consistent objections to our failed harm promotion system people ask me what do I suggest. I suggest the obvious - the other three pillars they threw away: Enforcement, Treatment and Prevention. The extremists talked about the four pillars program but as soon as we adopted them they threw away three of the most important pillars and charged off on a one legged horse which has seen harm reduction become harm promotion since it creates more addicts not less.

I support the New York Model because I saw it. I was there. Now the pharmaceutic fraudsters are quoting the Portugal model to rationalize the decriminalization of all drugs in hopes of providing prescription heroin at taxpayers expense. That is the most insane quest known to man. Public health care is not a Communist plot to overthrow the free world, prescription heroin is.

Think about it, if we provide addicts prescription heroin at taxpayers expense when will it end? Right now the pharmaceutical fraud has greatly profited from the methadone scam. They put addicts on methadone at taxpayers expense but never reduce the dosage turning them into lifelong methadone addicts. That money could go to buying homes not drugs.

Prescription heroin isn't just insane it is down right evil. That act of insanity will bankrupt our public healthcare system faster than you can say God help us. You can't get an mri or cancer medication but you can get free heroin. That is disgusting.

This Portugal model succeeded because of treatment not because of harm promotion. They spent tax dollars putting addicts into treatment instead of simply buying them more drugs. Extremists are now quoting the Portugal model in the same way they quoted the four pillars in the beginning which created this epidemic. They want to adopt decriminalization and throwaway everything else they did in Portugal that worked so they can continue their promotion of the drug trade at taxpayers expense. That is not something I could ever support. I support the New york Model.

Enforcement: enforce the law - arrested the drug dealers not the addicts. Treatment - spend money on treatment for addicts not more flop houses where they can buy more drugs while they are on methadone. Prevention: educate the public on the harmful effects of drugs so we stop using tax dollars to turn human beings into zombies. That is not compassion or social justice.

Wayne Moriarty nailed it. Dr. Colin Mangham is the real addiction expert.


  1. I was the passenger in a car accident on the last day of high school 2008, I broke my c2 vertebrae and nearly every other bone in my body in addition to my lungs collapsing and my skull cracked, my worst injury by far was my best friend dying on scene. For the next 7.5 years i was a walking pharmacy, I had oxy 80's for a few years before they were discontinued then switched to fentanyl patches, hydromorph contins, and percocets for breakthrough. I stayed hooked for years because it was easier than dealing with my deep depression I had as a result of my best friend passing and losing a football scholarship to play ball in the states. I was tired of being a sack of shit and the only way I could get clean after numerous attempts was methadone. It saved my life. I can confirm these doctors don't give a rats ass about the patients. These places are businesses and with 500 people attending some clinics at $6.00 a day each it's a profitable game. The clinic I went to was a "assemoly line",you check in, pass in front a camera twice a week, see a doctor once a week for a bogus "check up" VIA SKYPE!!! The Bastard isn't even in the building and between patients you can here him talking to other patients on a different screen from a different location! They just want to keep you there and don't give a rat's ass about you getting better. Not to mention 95% of the people there are welfare abusing lazy bastards and the amount of open air drug dealing is insane at these clinics. The methadone clinic experience in itself was enough to make me stay clear of opiates. Fuck that shit. Pardon my grammar its 2am, I just felt the need to say this. Keep up the good fight fellow Irishman

    1. The methadone program can help some people. However, as you have pointed out, that program is being grossly exploited. Putting someone on methadone and never reducing the dosages is a valid concern. Rehab houses where addicts still take drugs when they are on methadone is another. Spending all this money on giving addicts drugs instead of treatment is completely insane.

    2. agree it is totally insane, but from the government's perspective its cheaper than decent rehab and its making money for a lot of others. Mr. laforet is a classic example of some one the medical system/government did not treat as they should have. With what we pay in MSP he ought to have been give first rate care. However, first rate care is only for those who can afford places such as Edgewood. Unfortunately the government isn't willing to invest in its citizens to that extent.

  2. Putting addicts in treatment and funding education campaigns to warn people of the dangers are great things to support. Funding new alternative medicine and exploring options to help addicts is a better long term investment than needles and dope.

    Finding real solutions to this issue and being open to new models of recovery and healthy ideas to combat addiction and the dealing of dangerous drugs will ultimately be what saves us all from a never ending cycle of chaos and ignorance.

    Keeping addicts on drugs or pharmaceuticals for profit is a sick and disgusting practice - recover or DIE that is the reality. Being in recovery my self with almost 2 years clean i have lived it and continue to watch it take peoples lives. Everyday im alive is a gift and i am free. Its a beautiful thing i hope more people get to live clean and find freedom and happiness.

    We gotta just pray for these people to get help and be open to anything that could potentially save someones life from the perils of addiction and a life sentence to methadone/suboxone/chronic relapse due to weak government flop house programs. People need real help and a real shift in conciousness to get them straight.

    None of us as children said "i wanna be a drug addict dope fiend when i grew up"

    We're all human beings addict or not, we must work together to help find solutions to this and start being the change we want to see in the world.

    Thanks for all the hard work and raw truth dennis, i cant say i agree with everything you say but i do believe you have the power to spread truth and inspire change.

    money spent on treating illnesses and diseases to improve and preserve human life is money well spent.

    1. Addicts are indeed human beings. That is why we need to show some compassion by helping them get off drugs instead of burning tax dollars to buy drugs for them.


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