Friday, April 14, 2017

Harm Promotion is killing small business in Surrey

The Surrey Now-Leader is reporting that "Some may see empty storefronts and a plethora of fences in the Whalley area as metaphors for the area’s social woes. Black fencing around the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Mary on 135A Street serves as a barrier to keep the struggles of the street at bay. A former furniture store at the corner of 108th Avenue and King George Boulevard sits empty, as does a more recently vacated building at 105A Avenue that housed a KFC for more than two decades. Soon, another business will close its doors, just steps away from the former fast-food joint." KFC has been there forever.

Eddie MacNaughton and family have run Motorcycle World on King George since 1999, but they’re packing up shop and heading for the Tri-Cities this fall. “Illegal drug use right in front of us is a concern, the amount of needles every day, the human waste every single day, garbage,” said MacNaughton. “Last year I spent over $5,000 in fence repairs only to find out for instance, two weeks ago, we got broken into and we found the stolen propane tank on 135A Street."

Harm Promotion is not working. It is killing small business. Stop it.

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  1. What do you suggest everyone does to end addiction and organized crime? What do you support ?

    1. Price Pro helps addicts get off drugs. That is what rehab is suposed to do.


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