Saturday, April 10, 2021

Hells Angels and Red Devils busted in Ontario

The Tornoto Star is reporting that "Bikers from the Hells Angels and Red Devils Motorcycle Club face multiple charges after a six-month police investigation into murder and weapons trafficking and drug trafficking. The charges were announced Friday at the culmination of a joint operation between Durham Regional Police and the RCMP called Project Kafia. The Red Devils are an affiliated support club of the Hells Angels."

"It resulted in 291 charges against 28 people. The charges ranged from break and enter, participation in criminal organizations, firearm trafficking and possession of controlled substances including cocaine, fentanyl methamphetamine and cannabis edibles. Thirty-two firearms and roughly 1.2 million dollars in drugs were seized. Bikers arrested are from the Hells Angels Brooklin and Belleville charters, as well as the Red Devils."

The Toronto Sun is reporting that police seized 5.5 kilos of cocaine, 1.5 kilos of magic mushrooms, 1.2 kilos of crystal meth as well as two percussion grenades, overcapacity magazines, thousands of rounds of ammunition. The percussion grenades came from the police.

If the RCMP and municipal police in Ontario make Hells Angel arrests, why don't they do that in BC? They just had that smoke and mirror publicity stunt searching the Hardside finger puppets clubhouse after the club were worried they had guns and might get pissed like Jason Wallace did about them capping Ali. The police in BC work for the Hells Angels. From Haney to Hellside.

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