Saturday, April 10, 2021

Riding amidst the snow capped mountians

It was a sunny day so after the gym I took the bike up to Cypress. Conditions are awesome. A touch of fresh snow with a 3 meter base at the lodge and a 5 meter base at the summit. Cross country has closed but downhill was open today. Tomorrow is the last day before it closes for the season too. Fresh air and exercise are essential for one's mental health.

Riding into Vancouver the cut and the peak ski runs on Grouse were full of snow. Seymour to the right of that and the Lions to the left with Cypress slightly more left from the Lions. I have an injury that prevents me from hiking or snowshoeing right now but I can still ride. I swung by Horsehoe Bay and Whitecliff. Riding around with the snow capped mountains is awesome.
On the way home the sun was at my back and I could see my shadow directly in front of me. It reminded me of that post I made from the inscription on the Vancouver Art Gallery that said Casting Shadows on the Horizon. When You're riding into the sun you can't see and aren't thinking about the shadow you cast. When the sun is at your back it's right there in front of you.

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