Saturday, February 8, 2014

First Nation Elders honour Janice Shore

I was impressed to see a tee pee set on up site for the First Nations Elders who are having a four day fast and special ceremony to honour Janice Shore at 105A Avenue and 135 A Street today. MLA Sue Hammel showed up to pay her respects as did Janice's brother Ed.

Two RCMP officers did some impressive public relations by helping set up the tee pee. This is a shining example of how police officers can mingle with the public and develop reationships of trust with them. Well done.

Update: I will add that this group was on site for fours days fasting, drumming, singing, prayer ties, sacred fire and all kinds of spiritual ceremonies that ended Wednesday at noon. Then they packed up and the site was cleaner than ever. It was a wonderful thing that was easy for people to miss.

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