Monday, February 10, 2014

Online protest against mass surveillance

The is reporting that a Surveillance watchdogs marks February 11 as the day to battle Big Brother. The Guardian is reporting that "Two years ago, major websites like Google, Reddit and Wikipedia went dark for a day. They were protesting the then-pending "Stop Online Piracy Act," federal legislation that would have done enormous damage to the open internet by creating system of censorship and deterring digital-media innovators. The 18 January 2012 blackout created an outpouring of opposition from average Americans who suddenly realized what was at stake, and Congress backed off a bill that almost certainly would have passed otherwise."

The Day We Fight Back web site has the script for banners to add to your web site. We'll see if it works on the blog as well. The flaming concern in Canada is CSEC's perjury over it's illegal activities monitoring Canadians and exchanging information with the NSA.

Journalist Gleen Greenwald has a new blog called The Intercept.

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