Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Fatal shooting in Aldergrove: Justin Lee Haevischer

Global is reporting that "One person is dead after an apparent shooting in Aldergrove Tuesday night. Police converged outside a McDonald's restaurant at 56th Avenue and 264th Street at around 8 p.m. Arriving officers were greeted at the front door by the body of a man shot dead, the restaurant windows shattered. Langley RCMP confirm the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has been called in. Later the same evening, a torched S-U-V was found in southwest Abbotsford. No word if the two incidents are connected."

Speaking of Aldergrove and Langley, how are Len Peltier's drug charges going? Oh right, they're not because Gang enforcement in BC is compromised and he's in the Rat out your Rivals program. Lenny is the weasel that got Bob Green killed.

Update: The Compromised BC Gang Task Force told Dr Kim that "Justin Lee Haevischer, 33, is believed to have been blasted by two different shooters outside the McDonald’s at 264th Street and 56th Avenue about 8 p.m." Global is confirming the shooting happened at McDonald's.

Justin Haevischer is Cody Haevischer's brother. Cody was involved in the Surrey Six who helped the Hells Angels take over the leadership of the Red Scorpions back in 2007 which triggered the existence of this blog. Justin was charged as an accessory after the fact in the Surrey Six.

In September 2016, Justin Haevischer was sentenced to 20 months in jail for helping to dispose of evidence related to the October 2007 Surrey Six murders.

Csongor Szucs was involved in a civil forfeiture case back in August 2017. The court was told that Delta police searched a Cadillac SUV outside Szucs's mansion. "From the rear they seized a bag with heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine, all packaged for sale. On the passenger seat was a black man-purse containing $4,295 bundled in elastic bands, and a money order for $400 from Szucs, payable to Justin Haevischer." Justin and Cody of course were working for the Hells Angels just like the Swine Flu. Who knows. They could have killed their own guy again.

This fatality reminds me of Dru's murder back in 2009. Dru sold drugs in Surrey and was affiliated with Len Peltier when Lenny supplied the crack shacks here. I have reason to believe Lenny was involved with Dru's murder. In this case, if Justin Haevischer was picking up drugs in Aldergrove he was getting it from Lenny and the 856 not. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Second Update: Now the compromised BC Gang Task Force is letting the rest of the media know that the victim was Justin Lee Haevischer. They gave Dr Kim the exclusive in exchange for servies rendered. She prints whatever they want her to and never prints anything negative about them. Other reporters do that. In return they also give her access to Bar Watch. They don't give me sh*t and I prefer it that way. Ever since Blaze went on their payroll all their intel is worthless.

BTW the Brothers Keepers are not rivals of the Red Scorpions. They both work for the Hells Angels. Unless of course the Brothers' Keepers stopped working for the Hells Angels after the Hells Angels killed Suminder Grewal but I doubt it. Money Talks, Loyalty Walks.

The police haven't released the name of the victim shot dead in south Surrey or the two arrested.


  1. An "apparent" shooting? WTF is that's just a shooting. Torched vehicle somewhere nearby a short time later is pretty much an "indicator", a hall mark of underworld assassinations in BC for at least 25 years at this point, probably longer, so "no word if the two are connected", jeez, no of course not, sheer coincidence.....

  2. It's a complete gong show in Kamloops right now. The amount of brutal violence going on is unbelievable but the media doesn't report on it.

    1. I'l have to keep my eye on that. I remembering hearing some news on Kamloops. One of the cub pack guys from Surrey who was dealing drugs in Kamloops has a crew ho in witness protection giving him free access to deal. Maybe that's why the news isn't being reported. Now that the police scanners have gone encrypted, we only hear what they tell us.

    2. People getting fingers cut off, fist fights constantly, gang beatings, sexual assaults, etc.
      This is just stuff Ive personally witnessed as a random civilian.
      Kamloops is a write-off. Over the last 2 years we've been flooded with street-addicts from across Canada. The smell of crack-meth-fentanyl burning is everywhere. People openly shooting and smoking up in front of malls, libraries etc. Its a goddamn zombie apocalypse.

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