Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Charges dropped against officer who shot and killed Hudson Brooks

The Peace arch News is reporting that "Charges against the officer who shot and killed South Surrey’s Hudson Brooks four years ago have been dropped. In a news release Wednesday morning, the B.C. Prosecution Service announced that a stay of proceedings against Const. Elizabeth Cucheran has been entered on charges of aggravated assault and assault with a weapon. Hudson’s mom, Jennifer Brooks, told Peace Arch News the decision – shared with her only shortly before – 'makes me sick. She gets away with nothing. She just walks away,' Brooks told Peace Arch News through tears."

I told you, this case was a fake. The female officer did not shoot Hudson. Another officer did later on. Global is reporting that "Const. Elizabeth Cucheran fired her gun 12 times, hitting the 20-year-old nine of them and herself once, outside the Surrey RCMP detachment on 152 Street after he attacked her and another officer." That is a ridiculous LIE. God Damn you all.

Hudson did not attack ANY police officer. He was frantically running to them for help from a mob that was trying to kill him. The female cop ordered him to stop and he kept ruining. Past her. She shot herself when she drew her gun. She did not shoot Hudson 9 times and she did not fire her weapon 12 times. That is a bold faced lie and everyone in that courtroom knows it. She did not have a 12 round magazine she had a 10 round magazine and she did not reload her firearm.

After she shot herself she radioed in that she had been shot. They dispatched back up with the intent to kill because they thought Hudson shot her. Later on in the tape she said I think I shot myself. The other cop confronted Hudson and shot him dead without telling him to stop running. Hudson's mother heard that tape. Hudson didn't keep running with nine bullets in him then mysteriously collapse when the other cop confronted him. The other cop shot him nine times because the other cop wanted him dead. That is what happened. God damn you all.

Hudson was not in a drug induced state. He was running from the same mob that killed Dario Bartoli at the same skate park. The Surrey guys would come over and beat up the rich skater kids. The Crown is not credible in this case because they have repeatedly lied to the press. First they said Hudson tried to commit suicide which was another bold faced lie. These persistent lies diminish the RCMP more than it already is and this defiant departure from justice is obscene.

He wasn't yelling kill me he was yelling they are trying to kill me. That is what a witness who lived in the area heard. That is what I reported at the time from a confidential informant. We live here.

She shot herself drawing her weapon. She didn't draw her weapon then mysteriously shoot herself. She did not shoot Hudson after she shot herself. After she shot herself she froze as Hudson ran past her and away from her. Another cop shot Hudson nine times. He needs to be charged not her. The Crown needs to be charged with perjury. Again. Come to think of it, maybe they thought Hudson had a stapler. History tends to repeat itself until we learn from it.


  1. So what are the options for the family?

    Since you're local, who is the gang that killed the other kid and tried to attack him?

    Is that gang still operational in that area? Is it time the Guardians Angels became active again? What do you think might have been the outcome of these events if there were still active Guardian Angels in Surrey?

    1. I don't think it's a gang as in a drug trafficking network like a Hells Angels puppet club. I think it's just a group of thugs who like to beat up rich kids. The family could file a civil claim for wrongful death. The RCMP are lying court in hopes to avoid that. As for the Guardian Angels, perhaps but that's not my thing any more. If the police did their job, the Guardian Angels wouldn't be needed.

  2. Have you been in contact with the family, like you have been with previous victims' families?

    1. No. My sources were not members of the family. My source was someone in the area I personally know to be very credible who spoke with neighbors who heard Hudson crying for help before he was shot and others who had inside information about the case.

    2. Let's hope the family reaches out to you. I have a feeling you can do a lot.

    3. Aside from filing a civil claim, I'm not sure anything can be done. Eileen Mohan would be in a better position than I to advise about that. I just think it's important for them to know the truth about what really happened.


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